When it comes to property marketing online there is no better or more cost effective way to drive potential occupiers to your site than by search engines and social media paid advertising campaigns, or PPC for short (pay-per-click). Our most recent campaign boosted the website traffic for an office scheme from an average of 38 people a WEEK, to 49 people a DAY. You only pay money when someone actually visits your site via your adverts (unlike emailers or printed ads!), and your adverts are only shown to an audience you pick.


This audience can be defined and targeted in a multitude of ways, wether it’s their age, location, the keywords they type into Google, the company they work for on LinkedIn, the people they follow on Facebook or the websites they visit. The right strategy can find your audience across a variety of search engine and social media platforms and show them adverts in a variety of formats including text, image, video, gifs, montages, carousels and interactive images.

Why limit all the CGIs, videos and other marketing material you already have for your property to the website and brochure when it can be used to create an advert that reaches an audience of potential occupiers online at no cost until they visit your site. Property marketing is all we know at HEKKTA, and all our PPC campaigns are tailor made to suit your residential, office, retail or industrial campaign.

We don’t even need to be your main marketing supplier on the scheme. PPC can operate entirely separately to your other marketing processes without us needing access your website or anything else.

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