While your thinking you’ve opening all your presents, and eaten to your heart’s extent, and spoilt yourself beyond belief, there is one huge surprise you may have missed this Christmas.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Motorola RAZR is back.

With the turn of the decade, we’ve all been getting a bit nostalgic; looking through old photos, being bombarded by hundreds of the decades ‘best ofs’. Well Motorola are sweetening that nostalgia package with the news that they are re-releasing their beloved Motorola Razr.

The definition of cool and edge, the original was the stocking presents of dreams, with it’s creaky hinges unveiling the 4cm wide screen, on which you would engage in battle with predictive text for hours to merely write the word ‘hi’.

Then came the Pebl; the Razr’s smoother, sleeker and sexier sister phone that won the hearts of those that enjoyed the tops of their phones frequently falling off.

Despite all their faults; they were the trailblazers at the time. But then the rather more serious and efficient world of the Blackberrys and the iPhones took over, and now we look back with fondness on our past feeble phones, perhaps with the knowledge that we remained in control of them, rather than the other way around.

But Motorola are back.

Well aware that they cannot merely re-release the old phone on a nostalgia trip and expect to re-capture the imagination of the high-tech world again.

Oh no.

The RAZR is back for the decade ahead; with a 2.7 inch quick-view display screen on the front of the phone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it looks much the same as the old one.

But this screen, ladies and gentlemen, is a touch screen.

Motorola RAZR

Motorola RAZR

Able to quickly view messages without fully opening the screen, you can also control music or take pictures through the small window also.

But unfold this beast, and the true heart of the new RAZR is revealed.

The true essence of the RAZR is retained, with the vertical folding flip, but when fully open, users can enjoy a stunning 6.2 inch Flex View display that covers the entire phone, which is of course touch screen too.

Interestingly enough, turn the RAZR horizontal, and the screen possesses the same exact dimensions of a 21:9 aspect ratio used by the film industry, so you can Netflix to your hearts content.

Motorola RAZR

Motorola RAZR

Do not fear, on this RAZR you will also be able to play more than just snake. Functioning completely to the standard of today’s smartphone, it will be powered by Google and the Motorola team have been working in tandem to ensure the phone runs every application to the highest standard.

With a storage of 128gb, it is not miles ahead or behind the industry standard, and the story is the same when addressing the camera. Additionally, it doesn’t have a headphone jack, which is a bug bear of ours, but it does fall in line with the way the industry is going.

The battery is also on the small side, smaller than all the new Google, Samsung and iPhones on the market.

Phone critics have expressed their discontent at the price, noting that the soft and hardware is relatively unspectacular, but you are paying for the flip screen and a ‘retro feel’ as opposed to a cutting edge piece of technology.

But that’s never been what the RAZR is about!

As smartphones increase in size year on year, and your spending thousands of pounds to buy a phone which 10 years ago, would’ve been classed as a laptop, we like the micro nature of the new RAZR. It would have been a crying shame if they had put the original RAZR on steroids, and developed a phone that flips open like your reading a newspaper.

Instead, they’ve focused on making a phone that works. The flip has been engineered using groundbreaking technology that ensures ‘zero-gap’, so your device is completely protected from dust or damage when shut. Also when completely open, you won’t get the dangly joints like before, as the strips of metal running down the side are the strongest option available on the market.

Being able to shut the phone down to a size no bigger than your palm means you can put it easily into any pocket, and when shut, the screen is protected, so your bound to save hundreds in screen replacements costs.

What we like most about the phone, is that it has been made with the human behind it in mind. So often nowadays you discover sneaky tricks these big companies put into devices to squeeze you for more of your cash, but the RAZR’s attention on the quality of the hardware appears to want to do the opposite.

It might not be the best gadget on the market, and you could certainly find a flashier more advanced phone for the money they are asking you to part with, but the RAZR is a phone that brings it back to basics, without limiting you.

And what’s more, it looks pretty great too.