As the professional social network, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B advertising, with an estimated 80% of B2B social media purchases made on LinkedIn. This is largely because of the specific audiences you can show your adverts to as people can be targeted based on their job title, employer, job skills, location, industry, seniority, whether they have visited your site before and even email address (if you have an email list). Furthermore, due to the nature of the platform, users are in a business focused mind-set when engaging with the platform and it is the only social media platform that doesn’t get you in trouble if you’re caught at work!

When used correctly in the worlds of office, industrial and retail property marketing this platform is a vital tool for raising awareness of your scheme by putting adverts directly into the newsfeed of potential occupiers and fellow agents when they are most likely to engage. Below, we look at some of the pros and cons of the different advert types and targeting methods in comparison to each other.


Text Adverts

These are displayed on the side and at the top of the main news feed and other profile pages, and will follow the user on the right hand side as they scroll down their feed. As with all LinkedIn advert types your audience can be defined in multiple ways depending on your specific objective, such as brand awareness with other agents, or updating potential occupiers on the latest building progression.



Cost – These are the cheapest cost-per-click option that LinkedIn offer for marketing your property

Creative Time – These are also the simplest adverts to create due to the small character limit and picture, and can be set live from any profile, meaning adverts can be created and set live very quickly

Impression Length – The adverts on the right hand side will follow the user as they scroll down the page, meaning they are constantly visible on screen


Engagement Actions – Adverts can only be clicked on, unlike other advert types which allow likes, comments and shares which can bring additional free traffic

Click-through-rate – Due to their placement these adverts make a large amount of impressions, but are not particularly attention grabbing, and so the CTR is the lowest of all the advert types

Character Limit – Due to the advert size, we are limited on how much information and imagery we can include about your property


Sponsored Content

These adverts appear in your main feed, and can contain a range of different types of media (text, image, video, gif). They have the same appearance as other regular posts in your feed except that for the promoted tag under the profile name. You can create posts from scratch, or you can simply sponsor a post that you have made in the past.



Content Options – You have considerably more creative opportunities to make engaging and attention grabbing adverts using video, images, gifs and montages as well as extensive text (compared to text adverts). An excellent chance to put any videos, CGI’s or recent photography of your property to further good use

Engagement Options – Clicking through to your website is not the users only option, they can like your post, comment on it, tag other colleagues in the post or share the post with there own followers, none of which costs you money

Branding – The advert will be sent from a branded profile (ideally a profile representing the scheme or agents) which increases user trust in the advert and scheme, compared to the unbranded text adverts that just run a picture, headline and ad copy


Cost – Usually more expensive cost-per-click than text adverts

Creation Time – Adverts take much longer to put together due to the different creative elements you can include, and also require a profile to be created for the advert to be sent from if there isn’t an appropriate one already

Impression Rate – The adverts show in the main newsfeed, and so only make an impression on the user when they scroll past them, as opposed to the text adverts which stay with the user as they scroll. However, posts will show to the same user multiple times before LinkedIn deems them unlikely to click


Sponsored InMail 

These appear directly in the inbox of a user, the same as you would see an ordinary private message except they include a promoted label.



High Engagement – The advert appears as a notification in their inbox, which the vast majority of users will check on a regular basis and so there is a very high rate of people opening the message compared to email services such as MailChimp

No Character Limit – You are not limited to a character amount in the message, although LinkedIn recommends under 1,000 characters

Personalisation – You can use dynamic message elements to personalise each message to the user without having to do so manually


Cost Method – You are charged per message sent, rather than per click, and so the price is set no-matter the level of traffic your site receives

Impression Rate – Whilst the majority of users who receive your message will open it, they may not read all of it and delete it, meaning your advert was only seen by them once, compared to the multiple impressions the other advert types are capable of

Non-text Content – Messages only contain text, and don’t include pictures or videos for marketing your property



This is a targeting method which can utilise any of the advert types listed above, and allows you to show adverts exclusively to people who have visited your website before rather than by entering certain criteria such as job role or location.


Cost – Often has a cheaper cost-per-click then using the same advert type with an audience based on job role, locations, employer etc

Re-engagement – You can directly reconnect with people who have already shown interest in your scheme regardless of how they arrived on your site, reaffirming the brand and scheme details with them

Unique Content Opportunities – Given that you know this audience is already familiar with your scheme, you can create adverts with that knowledge in mind, such as releasing adverts to them when there is a notable development in the building of the scheme


List Size – Adverts can only be displayed once a certain amount of people have visited the site within a certain period of time and joined the remarketing list

Pre-planning – Adverts therefore cannot be set live immediately, and so campaigns need to be planned in advance in so that they can be set live at appropriate times

List Duration – The list of people who have visited your site has a set length, and so once a set amount of time has passed, if they haven’t visited your site again, they will drop off the list.



When it comes to B2B property marketing we have found LinkedIn to be the most effective, making it perfect for targeting potential occupiers for retail, office and industrial schemes. Residential schemes also have uses for LinkedIn, especially when it comes to remarketing and raising awareness amongst other agents. To learn more about how you could use LinkedIn for your scheme, contact us today!