Several new museums and visitor centres, showcasing some stunning architecture have been unveiled this week. So HEKKTA takes a closer look, whilst touching on all property and architecture news from around the globe.

Sitting 2,275 metres above sea level at the summit of Plan de Corones in Italy, architects EM2 have completed a stunning museum, that overlooks the snowy tops of the mountains. The Lumen Museum of Mountain Photography was built inside an old funicular station, so the designers were given the tough task of adapting it to the much more elegant design of the museum, but they certainly succeeded. What a place to view some photography!

The Lumen Museum of Mountain Photography - HEKKTA - Museums
The Lumen Museum of Mountain Photography – HEKKTA – Museums

Yet another museum has been proposed for the Italian mountaintops, this time by Norwegian studio Snøhetta. The beautifully elegant design that was created will serve as an exhibition space for the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology and the Municipal Museum of Bolzano. The stretched out and super flat design was an intentional ploy to mimic the topography of the mountain. As well as housing the famous prehistoric mummy of Ötzi the Iceman, the museums will also contain viewing points and restaurants, to enjoy the stunning surrounding scenery.

Museum Quarter - HEKKTA - Museums
Museum Quarter – HEKKTA – Museums

A museum overhanging The Thames has been unveiled by SPPARC, which will contain a full size replica of Francis Drake’s Golden Hind galleon. You can see the firm’s intentions the mimic the bow of a ship, hanging over the water.

“The concept was derived through the desire to reflect this history of The Golden Hinde and Sir Frances Drake in a contemporary visitor centre.”, explained Trevor Morriss, principal of the London-based studio.

Studio Lotus create a beautifully integrated visitor centre for the old 15th century Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, India. The wooden decks blend nicely into the historic setting, providing a modern twist without detracting from the fort.

Mehrangarh Fort Visitor Centre - HEKKTA - Museums
Mehrangarh Fort Visitor Centre – HEKKTA – Museums

Plans have been revealed for a vertical park on the waterfront of Monaco. Plush with greenery, the park will contain a mix of cultural and commercial spaces with terraces, and will also have a new cable car running adjacent.

Fontvieille Monaco - HEKKTA - Museums
Fontvieille Monaco – HEKKTA – Museums

Since the start of the Help-to-Buy scheme in 2013, 195,000 people have used the it to get on or move up the property ladder, as the government loans handed out to buyers reached the £10bn mark. Highest majority of users of the scheme are first time buyers.

However, critical voices are increasing over the scheme, as it emerged that the help-to-buy subsidy has pumped up big housebuilding company’s profits, and also bumped up house prices.

Nottingham Forest have released plans for a revamp of their stadium, which would see it become the largest stadium in the East Midlands.

City Ground - HEKKTA - Museums
City Ground – HEKKTA – Museums

Bernard Khoury has revisted his design for the BO18 nightclub in Beirut, situated in an old war bunker. The club’s design when first built was heavily influenced by it’s military past, and Khoury has taken this even further with his new designs, introducing more gothic elements.

BO18 - HEKKTA - Museums
BO18 – HEKKTA – Museums

This year’s Woman Architect of the Year award went to Sheila O’Donnell for her work on the Central European University in Budapest.

Designs have been released for a vast complex for the US Embassy in New Dehli. It will be a revamp of the 28-acre compound created in 1959.

New Dehli US Embassy - HEKKTA - Museums
New Dehli US Embassy – HEKKTA – Museums

Estate agent Foxtons has recorded a loss, blaming Brexit for the uncertainty surrounding the property market.

Oakland A’s baseball stadium’s initial design has been updated by BIG, now having a more circular design sloping down to the ground.

Oakland A's stadium - HEKKTA - Museums
Oakland A’s stadium – HEKKTA – Museums

OMA announce they are renovating the galleries in New York auction house Sotheby’s in Manhattan. The simple but elegant style of the rooms contain nothing but a single, glistening pillar. The works will also increase the gallery space significantly, and once completed, there will be 40 galleries in total showcasing pieces of art.

Sotheby's - HEKKTA - Museums
Sotheby’s – HEKKTA – Museums

Beijing-based studio Open Architecture design an amazing concert hall, which from the outside, just looks like a big rock. In a valley just north of Beijing, the firm wanted it to look “as if a strange and prehistoric boulder had fallen there long ago”. Walk past and you might never know, until the orchestra start to play!

Chapel of Sound - HEKKTA - Museums
Chapel of Sound – HEKKTA – Museums