Our online digital strategies can pin-point target an audience that you want to engage with, by industry type, by business and by location.

We dig deep into your competitor activity, analysis and create the most detailed strategies and engagement tactics that put you right in front of your audience, directly on their laptops and phones.

You will have encountered PPC before, you just might not have known what it was called. The text adverts above your Google search results, the banner adverts on websites, the sponsored posts in your LinkedIn feed, that is PPC advertising.

HEKKTA are the only Google Partner company with an in-house PPC team who specialise solely in Property Marketing.

Your advertising audience can be targeted in a multitude of ways including age, location, the keywords they type into Google, the company they work for on LinkedIn, the posts they like on Facebook, or the websites they visit. Cost is done on a pay-per-click basis. As a result, the cost of a PPC campaign varies depending on who you are targeting, where, and on what platform.

The right strategy can find your audience across multiple platforms and show them adverts in a variety of formats including text, image, video and gif. Why limit all the CGIs, videos and photography you already have for your property to the website and brochure, when it can be used to create an advert that reaches a targeted audience at no cost until they visit your site.

Property marketing is all we know at HEKKTA, and all our PPC campaigns are tailor made to suit your residential, office, retail or industrial campaign.

Somebody else does the marketing on your building?
No Problem!

We don’t need to be your main marketing supplier, PPC can operate entirely separately to the rest of your marketing as we don’t even need admin access to your website.

We can provide a quote on any building that has a website, and provide a strategy that includes platforms, targeting methods and estimated cost-per-clicks.

Click here to download the HEKKTA PPC guide

Our Digital team is led by our own princess of PPC, Lili Gold. Lili has run huge campaigns for Residential, Office and Industrial schemes.

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Lili Gold
Head of Digital

e. lili@hekkta.com
t: +44 (0)20 3441 9340
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