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Companies to be looking at

Be more of a “rockstar” without being over the top

A young dynamism like wonderland, with an ‘edgier’ feel, tying in with the essence of the movement and energy of motorsport, stage and screen, music and sport etc.

With the thread of elite service and execution – working with the All Blacks, Wallabies etc

“Work with the best, and have fun whilst doing it”

“Hired by the best, inspired by the greats”

Despite being far more active on social networks than some of your competitors, there’s a lot of work to do to create a social presence that intrigues and excites people, let’s promote EFM as a company that is at the top of their game.

It’s really important with social media that the quality of your page reflects the quality of the company. No matter if you’ve worked with some of the biggest brands/companies/events in the world, if someone doesn’t know you and sees a poor quality Instagram page, either in photo choice or actual photo quality, or that will be their first association.

The beauty of that is – it’s a really easy thing to correct and make enthralling.

The work you do is key to the success of any event, and you want to be shouting about that as loudly as you can, emphasising the things you have to deliver and protect and the huge part you play in ‘bringing to amazing to life’.


Social Rapport

This is where and how you need to be shouting louder, and on a note within the text adding a little personality – Arcadia at Glastonbury is such an iconic dance stage, state who your favourite artist was, which tunes you loved… 

Add a personal touch and people will connect with it. 

Even steal a catchphrase like “EFM…the rest are irrelevant” (a Kurupt FM catchphrase)

These kind of messages and ideas is exactly what will help you develop a tone of voice that is engaging but also professionally promotes the brand and business.

Example Two

Again definitely the right thing to be posting, but just a few things missing here. 

First the stock photo is not really the best, the quality is very poor, and it doesn’t centre something that EFM have worked on, or features the company activity in any way so this is something we would think about with your posts.

Posts that work harder

These posts all have something in common, in that they are of high quality and tell a story beyond the photo which may be investigated further.
You may also have noticed that brands are front and present in some of these that we have picked.

BBC Music Introducing, Lana Del Rey, Burberry, the Dubai Expo.. and EFM of course!

Centring brands such as these, in conjunction with flashes of EFM is a really easy tool for brand certification via recognition.

Plainly put it is the easiest way to immediately situate your brand in someone’s mind as a high level and professional company.

Also posts that give a cool insight or window into the BTS of these major events are a great tool to generate interest and also show you are in the know!

Posts that don’t

Whilst posting regularly is important, your Instagram these days is no different to a website, it is a shop window to your company, and the home grid is the gallery.

This is why everything on there needs to be of a certain standard that you want representing your company.

I would say the top right shows EFM as being slightly smaller scale than it is, and the other photos again don’t show the excitement of the others.

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