In response to Tesla’s launch of their Cybertruck, Russian studio Modern House have come up with the perfect armageddon accompaniment; the Cyberhouse.

In November last year, Elon Musk launched a new concept car he likened to something off Blade Runner, with super futuristic design built for the modern world.

Very bold design indeed, his ideas triggered some further inspiration for Alex Wizhevsky, chief architect at Modern House Architecture & Design.

Seeing potential in the concept, he has designed the Cyberhouse, which acts as a safe refuge for anything from a nuclear conflict to a zombie apocalypse.

“When I saw the presentation of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck, I had a question: ‘what would the owner of such a car be like’, because this car is a super protected armoured car,” Wizhevsky told Dezeen.

“Apparently, it was created in order to survive in extreme conditions. It seems to me that we need a well-protected house, a fortress, a bunker, where you can safely survive any threat.”



And a fortress it certainly is.

Entirely autonomous, the high security house is a multi-levelled shell providing complete protection from the outside world.

Mimicing the form of the Cybertruck, the walls are made from reinforced concrete with a steel shell, and cleverly, by placing the walls at a negative angle, it makes it harder to penetrate, aswell as minimising electrical and mechanical effects.

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CyberHouse является своего рода автономным многоуровневым бункером. Проектом предусмотрена его эксплуатация в экстремальных условиях: начиная с зомбиапокалипсиса, заканчивая ядерной угрозой. . Наклонные стены из монолитного железобетона и сверхпрочной стали минимизируют внешние воздействия, как механические, так и электроволновые. Так же безопасность обеспечивают бронированные окна, металлические ставни-жалюзи и шлюзовые двери. . Температурный режим дома регулируется автономным геотермальным тепловым насосом. В центре атриума располагается автомобильный лифт. Солнечная инсоляция атриума осуществляется через стеклянное перекрытие верхнего уровня. Дом общей площадью 300 м2 разработан для комфортного проживания 6 человек, в экстремальных условиях количество проживающих может быть увеличено до 10. Этот дом для тех, в чьи планы не входит стать кормом для зомби. . . CyberHouse is a kind of autonomous multi-level bunker. The project provides for its operation in extreme conditions: starting with zombie apocalypse, ending with a nuclear threat. Inclined walls made of monolithic reinforced concrete and heavy-duty steel minimize external influences, both mechanical and microwave. Security is also provided by armored windows, metal shutters, shutters and lock doors. . The temperature regime of the house is regulated by an autonomous geothermal heat pump. In the center of the atrium is a car elevator. Solar insolation of the atrium is carried out through the glass ceiling of the upper level. The house with a total area of 3230 sq.ft. is designed for a comfortable stay of 6 people, in extreme conditions the number of residents can be increased to 10. This house is for those who don’t plan to be become zombi food! . @teslamotors by @modern_house_spb #architecture #architect #design #modernhouse #загородныйдом #загородныйдомспб #архитектура#жилойдом #современныйдом#строительство #проектирование #проектированиедомов #архитектурныйстиль #стиль#хайтек #render #house#architecture #hightech #cybertruck #tesla #cyberpunk

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The house is made up of several zones, all providing a different roles. Zone 1 is the bunker, the safest area of the house, and then you have various residential elements for you know, living, and there is even an outside terrace!

For the Cyberhouse to be truly effective, it’s autonomy from the outside world is vital, and there are several measures that Modern House have included to ensure this.



Surviving through wind turbines and solar panels dotted in and around the site, energy can be generated independently, and internal temperatures are controlled by “an autonomous geothermal heat pump.”

Water treatment and purification systems are also installed, aswell as an air purifier for good measure.

Cyberhouse is based on a principle of ‘multiple protection circuits’, which is based off atomic submarines; monolithic reinforced concrete, sheilded windows, airlocked doors, metal blinds, there is even a telescopic mechanism used to seal the outer gates.


No expense was spared when conceiving the Cyberhouse; the ultimate armageddon abode.

Capable of withstanding all forms of threat, even natural disasters cannot defeat the Cyberhouse.

There were not too many designers who were at all complementary about Tesla’s latest venture, but Alex Wizhevsky sees something very different.

“I believe that this is the design of the future, because the speed of life is growing rapidly and maximum simplicity and utility come to the forefront of architecture”

The unique lair is not merely a vanity project either; Modern House see real potential for building this in the future.

“For us the Cyberhouse has become a definite look forward, into the future, because it is difficult to imagine this car standing in a traffic jam in an urban environment into which it would fit harmoniously.”

Were this to be made, it would cover a rather generous area of 3230 square feet, the Cyberhouse can comfortably accomodate six people, but were circumstances forced to it, ten people is also feasible.

The house with a total area of 3230 sq.ft. is designed for a comfortable stay of 6 people, in extreme conditions the number of residents can be increased to 10.

Just ask Elon Musk has ordered 150,000 of his new creation to be manufactured for the markets, we hope certainly hope the Cyberhouse has it’s day in the sun.

“There is simply no such residential architecture.”