Mexico City Modernism

To celebrate the start of Design Week, several celebrated architects hailing from Mexico City have teamed up to showcase the best of their modern, local design, transforming a dilapidated 1940s villa into a mecca of Mexican imagination. HEKKTA takes a deeper look behind the scenes at Design Week Mexico. Over 20 different local artists, architects [...]

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Surface Duo – Bolder the Better?

Microsoft have unveiled their new Android phone, the Surface Duo, a dual-screen smartphone that folds down the middle like a book. Claiming that two screens will make us more productive, is the Surface Duo the new way forward? Phones are a big part of our lives; we hate to admit it, but it's true. Everybody [...]

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Tradition + Innovation Combined in Rugby World Cup Player of the Match Trophy

Designer Jun Mitani has created a Player of the Match trophy for the 2019 Japan Rugby World Cup, which brilliantly fuses tradition and innovation, incorporating live match commentary onto the surface of the award etched on by laser. The 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan is well alive and kicking, with the much-hyped tournament so [...]

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The Twelve Stadiums / Rugby World Cup 2019

Tomorrow morning, the first match of the 2019 Rugby World Cup will get underway. Possibly the most hyped tournament for years, it is steadily gearing up to be an absolute classic. But where will the 20 different sides be playing? HEKKTA takes a closer look at the intriguing and outright bizarre architecture that will be [...]

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Abandoned + Reimagined / The Changing Faces of Our Buildings

What causes us to forget a building? Deemed useless through changing trends, through war or natural disasters? And why can some find a new lease of life, whereas some becomes relics to the past? HEKKTA delve into the question, taking a look back at some abandoned and forgotten histories. It is very rare you see [...]

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London Design Festival 2019

The 2019 London Design Festival is back, with topical installations from leading designers, highlighting Artificial Intelligence and tackling climate issues; so we've picked six of the projects we feel are unmissable. Next week, the annual London Design Festival will get underway, with projects and installations from designers and architects dotted all over the city. The [...]

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Onto Europa

Today, it was unveiled that NASA will be undertaking a mission to a distant moon, Europa, where they believe they may well find a form of life. Hidden under an icy crust, getting to the ocean world is the easy part, so HEKKTA takes a closer look at the design behind the mission, and what [...]

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Renault e-Plein Air / A Modern Rebirth

A new concept car created by Renault might just be the direction that design for electric vehicles should be headed in. The little e-Plein Air reimagines the former model for the demands of the modern world, all with a little bit of style. Dreamt up by Renault Classic, Renault Design and Melun Rétro Passion for [...]

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Bye, Bye Beetle

A few weeks ago, the last ever VW Beetle rolled off the production line in Puebla, Mexico, never to be made again, bringing to an end the life of a design icon. When you see it's understated, but excellently designed chassis sat on the side of the road, you instantly recognise the icon that is [...]

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The Planets / Method Behind The Magic

In the new BBC series The Planets, trusty Professor Cox takes us on a planet-to-planet tour of our Solar System, mapping out the drastic events that have shaped our worlds over billions of years. But how exactly do you go about making such a complicated show from concept to creation? HEKKTA delves deeper to find [...]

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