PLASTIC – Design Behind the Big Ocean Cleanup

How are we truly cleaning up the swathes of plastic in our oceans? HEKKTA investigates. We like to keep our finger on what designers are doing to help the climate crisis, and one of the key ecological points of the climate battle is plastic in our oceans. With the oceans descending to depths of up [...]

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Visualising the Now / Quatre Caps Reimagines the Unfinished Works of Fernando Higueras

Can a single work change the trajectory of an entire discipline? This is the question posed to us by Spanish architecture group Quatre Caps, who have reimagined the unbuilt architecture of iconic Spanish architect Fernando Higueras. Taking a few of Higueras' uncompleted works, they have visualised how the buildings would have looked, if they had [...]

Visualising the Now / Quatre Caps Reimagines the Unfinished Works of Fernando Higueras2020-01-24T14:50:26+00:00


Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse Studio shows how design can trigger inspiration, as she designs a series of houses taking the shape of a logo from several major corporations. Logos are some of the most familiar designs in our world today, brandished on every garment and good, instantly recognisable, and often provide a consumer with a [...]

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2020 Architecture

After a rather eventful decade, HEKKTA looks to the year ahead to see what exciting architecture projects 2020 has in store for us, and what trends we expect will emerge within the industry. Happy New Year! We did it people; made it through the decade! It might all seem like a bad dream, but the decade [...]

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Return of the RAZR

While your thinking you've opening all your presents, and eaten to your heart's extent, and spoilt yourself beyond belief, there is one huge surprise you may have missed this Christmas. Ladies and gentlemen, the Motorola RAZR is back. With the turn of the decade, we've all been getting a bit nostalgic; looking through old photos, [...]

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BERLIN / Diane Meyer

Diane Meyer uses hand-stitching in her photography project Berlin, to emphasise the historic border that once ran through the heart of the city, defining a generation. Using amazing embroidery, Diane Meyer sews blurry patches onto 43 different shots taken around Berlin, from the Brandenberg Gate to the suburban outskirts, showing how the Berlin Wall shaped [...]

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LUNAZ / Recharging The Classics

Lunaz are electrifying the classic cars of the past, and bringing them back to the future. As our climate awareness increases, and stricter and stricter controls are placed on our emissions, perhaps Lunaz has thought of the perfect way to keep the beautiful classic cars alive. A small British start-up company operating out of the [...]

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Day-VII Architecture

In their book Day-VII Architecture A Catalogue of Polish Churches post 1945, Kuba Snopek, alongside Izabela Cichonska and Karolina Popera, document 100 churches from the communist era in Poland, unveiling a brand of architecture unlinke anything we've seen before. And there are several reasons for this. When the Iron Curtain drew a line in the sand [...]

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The Secret Codes of the Movie Poster

Slight spoiler alert; we may be about to ruin every movie poster that you've ever seen. In the modern era of filmmaking, promotion and advertisement of the movie itself is paramount. With millions, even billions of dollars being ploughed into the production, they have to make sure that bums actually hit the seats to watch [...]

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