In response to Tesla's launch of their Cybertruck, Russian studio Modern House have come up with the perfect armageddon accompaniment; the Cyberhouse. In November last year, Elon Musk launched a new concept car he likened to something off Blade Runner, with super futuristic design built for the modern world. Very bold design indeed, his ideas [...]



Mendes flexes his directorial muscles in this heart-in-mouth, stunning depiction of the horrors of the Great War; 1917 is a one-shot masterpiece. From the get go, there are zero thrills with this film; an unflinching documentation of the horrors of trench warfare, combined with jaw-dropping cinematography. It truly is a cinematic masterpiece, visually unparallelled to [...]



The annual BBC list of the artists set to majorly influence 2020 has been released; and it's got some peaches ladies and gentlemen. As the industry goes from strength to strength, HEKKTA believes we all have good reason to feel very excited. Twenty nineteen was a very good year for music; Stormzy cemented Grime's status in [...]

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Save The Pub / Derelict London

In Paul Talling's Derelict London, he shines a light on the slow, silent dissapation of the thriving pub culture in our capital. Old boozers swallowed up by car parks, bought up by new developments, and replaced with Tesco's; it highlights the battle we face to keep our pubs. Paul Talling has spent years photographing London's forgotten places, [...]

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Igloos on the Frontline / Luxury Action

Travel agency Luxury Action are creating the "northernmost hotel in the world", in a series of modern igloos perched right on the frontline of the climate change crisis, giving the everyday consumer once in a lifetime access. In a region of such mystique and intrigue, it is usually only explorers or scientists who would get [...]

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Going Underground

Mike Goldwater publishes his stunning photos documenting the London Underground, taken over the course of the decade, showing us how the heartbeat of London has changed, and yet, barely changed at all. Below the bustling city of London, below all the shuffling feet, buzzing buses and careering cabs, lies the pounding heart of our metropolis. [...]

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Bangkok Phosphors // Cody Ellingham

Cody Ellingham's latest project Bangkok Phosphors shines a blue hue over the city's ancient heritage, quitening down the noise which engulfs the bustling capital. Previously covering his work on Shanghai Streets, we are certainly huge fans of his work, and Cody Ellingham is back with a new venture. After reading the 1970 novel The Temple [...]

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Evolution of ‘The Great Wave’ / Katsushika Hokusai

HEKKTA delves deeper into the evolution of Japanese artist Hokusai, and his most celebrated piece, 'The Great Wave'. The level of detail drawn, and time taken to create this piece is a fascinating eye opener into the mind of an artist, and how age and experience can bring the answer. Katsushika Hokusai was around 72 [...]

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