PLASTIC – Design Behind the Big Ocean Cleanup

How are we truly cleaning up the swathes of plastic in our oceans? HEKKTA investigates. We like to keep our finger on what designers are doing to help the climate crisis, and one of the key ecological points of the climate battle is plastic in our oceans. With the oceans descending to depths of up [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – World Trade Center II

China attempt to build a hospital in six days, and Foster + Partners have been chosen to design the second World Trade Centre in Manhattan, pipping BIG to the post. Find out all that you may have missed from the last week in property & architecture. BIG's stacked tower design for the new Two World [...]

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Visualising the Now / Quatre Caps Reimagines the Unfinished Works of Fernando Higueras

Can a single work change the trajectory of an entire discipline? This is the question posed to us by Spanish architecture group Quatre Caps, who have reimagined the unbuilt architecture of iconic Spanish architect Fernando Higueras. Taking a few of Higueras' uncompleted works, they have visualised how the buildings would have looked, if they had [...]

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In response to Tesla's launch of their Cybertruck, Russian studio Modern House have come up with the perfect armageddon accompaniment; the Cyberhouse. In November last year, Elon Musk launched a new concept car he likened to something off Blade Runner, with super futuristic design built for the modern world. Very bold design indeed, his ideas [...]


HEKKTA’s Property Portal – St. Louis

Urban regeneration is the hot topic of the week, with several large scale city developments being announced across the globe, including the new St. Louis greenway project. Have a read of our Property Portal to gain all the insight and update yourself with all you may have missed from the last week in the world [...]

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Mendes flexes his directorial muscles in this heart-in-mouth, stunning depiction of the horrors of the Great War; 1917 is a one-shot masterpiece. From the get go, there are zero thrills with this film; an unflinching documentation of the horrors of trench warfare, combined with jaw-dropping cinematography. It truly is a cinematic masterpiece, visually unparallelled to [...]


HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Future Cities

Future cities; what could they look like? And how far off are they? These are all questions that have been thrown up by Toyota's announcement of their 'city of the future' to be built in Japan. So in this week's Property Portal, we delve into what futuristic projects are being forged in the world of [...]

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The annual BBC list of the artists set to majorly influence 2020 has been released; and it's got some peaches ladies and gentlemen. As the industry goes from strength to strength, HEKKTA believes we all have good reason to feel very excited. Twenty nineteen was a very good year for music; Stormzy cemented Grime's status in [...]

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Karina Wiciak of Wamhouse Studio shows how design can trigger inspiration, as she designs a series of houses taking the shape of a logo from several major corporations. Logos are some of the most familiar designs in our world today, brandished on every garment and good, instantly recognisable, and often provide a consumer with a [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – China

We take a closer look at what's going on in China this week, as it's status as the place for new architecture is firmly cemented, as two major new projects are announced, and the UK property market is showing signs of improvement as we enter into 2020. To celebrate China's transition into modernity, a beautiful [...]

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