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Return of the RAZR

While your thinking you've opening all your presents, and eaten to your heart's extent, and spoilt yourself beyond belief, there is one huge surprise you may have missed this Christmas. Ladies and gentlemen, the Motorola RAZR is back. With the turn of the decade, we've all been getting a bit nostalgic; looking through old photos, [...]

Return of the RAZR2019-12-29T09:54:41+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre

As everybody gears up for Christmas, we've made a small bundle of all the latest news stories concerning property & architecture that might have slipped your attention this week, including the completion of the Wuxi Show Theatre; 'the bamboo forest'. An incredible new theatre, designed by Steven Chilton Architects, has been completed in Wuxi, China. [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Wuxi Taihu Show Theatre2019-12-23T12:29:37+00:00

BERLIN / Diane Meyer

Diane Meyer uses hand-stitching in her photography project Berlin, to emphasise the historic border that once ran through the heart of the city, defining a generation. Using amazing embroidery, Diane Meyer sews blurry patches onto 43 different shots taken around Berlin, from the Brandenberg Gate to the suburban outskirts, showing how the Berlin Wall shaped [...]

BERLIN / Diane Meyer2019-12-14T16:08:42+00:00

Save The Pub / Derelict London

In Paul Talling's Derelict London, he shines a light on the slow, silent dissapation of the thriving pub culture in our capital. Old boozers swallowed up by car parks, bought up by new developments, and replaced with Tesco's; it highlights the battle we face to keep our pubs. Paul Talling has spent years photographing London's forgotten places, [...]

Save The Pub / Derelict London2019-12-10T13:39:41+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Australia

HEKKTA are sussing out what's going in the land down under, as properties of thousands are at risk as bushfires rip through Australia, and London is set for a huge new theme park. The bush fires that have been raging through Australia are now "too big to put out", with a 60km wide blaze heading [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Australia2019-12-09T15:09:21+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – The City

HEKKTA are peeping our head out the door to see what's going on in our wonderful city of London. New hanging gardens, schemes in the west and a resurgence neighbours... We will fill you in on all that is going on in our bustling capital, aswell as a round up of architecture and property news [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – The City2019-12-02T17:15:08+00:00

Igloos on the Frontline / Luxury Action

Travel agency Luxury Action are creating the "northernmost hotel in the world", in a series of modern igloos perched right on the frontline of the climate change crisis, giving the everyday consumer once in a lifetime access. In a region of such mystique and intrigue, it is usually only explorers or scientists who would get [...]

Igloos on the Frontline / Luxury Action2019-11-29T12:25:29+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Venice

Venice is subjected to flooding at levels not seen since the 19th century, as Venetians take to the street to protest the impact that cruise ships are having on it's defences; additionally, the joys of a general election are upon us! Seeing as today is the last day to register to vote, we take a [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Venice2019-11-26T14:02:50+00:00

LUNAZ / Recharging The Classics

Lunaz are electrifying the classic cars of the past, and bringing them back to the future. As our climate awareness increases, and stricter and stricter controls are placed on our emissions, perhaps Lunaz has thought of the perfect way to keep the beautiful classic cars alive. A small British start-up company operating out of the [...]

LUNAZ / Recharging The Classics2019-11-21T18:41:46+00:00