Darcy Peters


Silver fox, gentlemen and pied-piper of property marketing. A statuesque figure atop his regal charger the White Horse, he never leaves a man behind. George Orwell would be staggered at the all encompassing control Darcy has over each and every project, so he is your guy to call. His hobbies include long lunches, lowering invoices and international sack racing.

e: darcy@hekkta.com
m: 07976 299 063
t: 020 3441 9340

David Byrd


Now I know what you’re thinking, you can’t just have Darcy grow his beard out a bit, get a hair cut, and pretend it’s a new staff member. We can assure you however that David is perfectly real, and whilst he and Darcy share the same look, job role, pilates teacher and enthusiasm for equestrian watering holes, he also brings his own wealth of experience and expertise in the property market and FMCG marketing.

e: david.byrd@hekkta.com
t: 020 3441 9340
m: 07710 587 437

Daniel David Webb


Daniel isn’t a designer, he’s an artist, trained as a portrait painter with the ability to visually recreate any possibility.

Does Daniel do delightfully distinguished design? Daniel Does. If there is anything he feels more infuriated about than poor design, it’s missing his beard. His pet hates include loose fitting trousers, the olympic stadium and branding he didn’t do.

e: daniel@hekkta.com
m: 07885 705 115
t: 020 3441 9340

Brian Hasler


A puzzle wrapped in an enigma presented in a neatly designed HTML email that highlights unique USP’s. There are many mysteries to Bri, when did he first start as a property marketing designer? Does he ever actually go home? What would happen if he had to sit still during a phone call? All we know is he has helped produce so many property brochures in his life time we think he’s building an extension.… and of course, he’s has.

e: brian@hekkta.com
m: 07584 528 513
t: 020 3441 9340

Amanda Grant


Our first lady of property marketing, Amanda is the undisputed queen of hand drawn digital design. A former women’s lightweight wrestling champion, Mad Mandy hung up her tights to become the elegant Madame Map we know today. The sheer amount of bespoke maps she has made for the London area puts her leagues ahead of any black cabbie, whilst her regal tone would soothe any elocution coach.

e: amanda@hekkta.com
t: 020 3441 9340

Efi Koutoupi


We think she just loves cutting edge design as much as she does chocolate mini rolls. In any case, she brings a fierce passion to the team and to design that is almost scary. Actually, there is no ‘almost’ about it.

e: efi@hekkta.com
t: 020 3441 9340

Lili Gold



e: lili@hekkta.com
m: 07949 237 918
t: 020 3441 9340