Vietnam & The Golden Bridge

Last year, HEKKTA had the pleasure of visiting Vietnam – a trip which will live long in the memory in one of the most beautiful places on earth. TA Landscape Architecture have added to this intrigue and beauty, creating a new bridge in Da Nang, held up by two enormous hands, looking over the stunning countryside.

In a place of such spectacular natural beauty, trying to convince your client that you should built two vast hands coming out of a hillside is probably not the easiest of challenges.

That was TA Landscape Architecture’s problem when presenting their vision of the bridge to Sun Group.

“At first, the client was quite concerned about this bridge. It took months to persuade them of the final design,” added Vu Viet Anh, design principal at the Ho Chi Minh City-based firm.

Vietnam Golden Bridge

Vietnam Golden Bridge

The firm designed the hands so they looked like old, stone ruins that have come from out of the earth to hold up the bridge.

“The remarkable appearance of two huge grips looks like they drew the bridge out from the land and adore it as it were a gift from nature,” said the practice.

However the hands are there for decoration, rather than actually holding up the bridge. The 150-metre long pedestrian bridge is held up by simple steel supports, with a timber deck with stainless steel handrails coloured golden.

Vietnam Golden Bridge

“[The bridge] was patterned as precious gold bullion which was dragged out and being treasured by a giant pair of hands between heaven and earth,” continued the practice.

The bridge is located in the city of Da Nang, which is in the middle of the country by the infamous Hai Van Pass. The bridge is part of the mountain-top Ba Na Hill Mountain Resorts and it’s purpose is to link two cable cars. However, considering the views from the bridge, we wouldn’t be surprised if it soon becomes the major attraction!

The Golden Bridge is now open to the public, so if you have a free couple of weeks and a bit of spare bob, go check it out!

Vietnam Golden Bridge

Da Nang is a vast city covering the coastline in the middle of Vietnam, but our favourite part of the country was actually the north where you will see some of the most drastic and bewildering landscapes like Halong Bay, or head even further up north to Sapa for enormous rolling hills.

The city of Hanoi in the north was also our favourite of ours, especially the Old Quarter which felt the most authentic.Hoi An was equally authentic, with incredible markets and rivers running through the town.

Our experience in Vietnam was truly amazing, and it’s a country that is economically growing year on year. The scars and memories from the war are certainly present, but from a visit you will experience the strength and resilience of the Vietnamese people.

So what you waiting for? Go see for yourself!

Vietnam Golden Bridge