1970s Glamour – The Stars in Transit

Imagine if we could all travel like the stars in the glitz and glamour of the 70s? We all know the feeling of hopelessly waiting in an airport queue while you trudge forward one step every five minutes while a dreary voice comes over a microphone speaking of all the several delays, one of which [...]

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iPhone X

HEKKTA takes a look at Apple's latest addition to their range, the iPhone X. We assess it's improvements, it's down-sides and we also try to answer the question everyone asks with Apple products - is it really worth the money? We have to say that we like the look of it and one thing you [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Green Architecture

Are architects and designers doing enough to ensure our properties are green? We take a look at what projects are developing which seek to enhance our architecture's sustainability, aswell as a quick round-up of the biggest headlines in property and architecture from the past week. Italian architect Stefano Boeri reveals his plans to build a [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Greenwich Peninsula

A massive £1bn development in Greenwich Peninsula has been announced this week, which is on everyone's lips in the world of property and architecture. Many more investments into the capital have been revealed in property news also, so we get your right up to date with the latest headlines with a handy news round-up. A [...]

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Makeshift Architecture of The Riverbed

Photographer Ben Murphy has produced an amazing project entitled the Riverbed, in which he captured the dwellings of people who shunned the city life of the modern world. They chose instead to create very minimal but fascinating homes out of relatively basic materials using old caravans or making wooden huts on the side of riverbeds [...]

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A Smog Eating Skyscraper by Arconic

Arconic, a materials science company, have released plans for a 3 mile high skyscraper, which eats smog. As unfeasible as this sounds, the technology has either already been made or is close to being finished. If completed, this really would be a massive step forward in environmental-conscious design and we are very excited about it. [...]

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Here at HEKKTA we were slightly scepticle about drones. Are they slightly glorified remote-controlled toys that kids crash into buildings? Or are they in fact state of the art, revolutionising war-time weapons? As our world changes, technological advances are increasingly becoming what shapes our culture. We can be pretty certain in saying that the invention [...]

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