Wildfires – A Stark Reminder

As Britain experiences another searing heatwave, problems of a far graver sort are hitting Greece. Wildfires have been sweeping through towns east of Athens and thousands of families have had to evacuate their homes. Similar fires have been breaking out across the globe, and these pictures capture the sheer size of the blazes and might [...]

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Gothenburg Cable Car

The Swedish town of Gothenburg are set to get a new three kilometre cable car stretching across the city. Intelligent design and smart thinking have allowed it to work in harmony with it's environment, rather than affecting it. Designed by Dutch firm UNStudio, the cable car has had a lot of thought go into and it's [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Carillion Collapse

The news surrounding the property world right now is the collapse of Carillion. The construction giant's financial troubles eventually overwhelmed it - we look into how this happened and what it will mean for the property market. We also sum up all the exciting headlines elsewhere in property news. A mounting £1.5bn debt has forced [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – South America

In this week's property portal, we're taking a closer look at South America and what activity is going on as well as a round up of all the news in property and architecture. A red pigmented concrete museum building has replaced another museum that was destroyed by an earthquake in Peru. The Museo de Sitio [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Architecture in Hollywood

Architecture is all over Hollywood this week! A movie about famous architect Mies van der Rohe starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal has been announced as well as the launch of the new Netflix design documentary series. A trend we would like to see continue! We also bring you the latest on all the property [...]

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