Beat Positive – Capturing The Birth Of Hip Hop

Beat Positive is an exhibition which documents the early days of hip hop. Photographers Janette Beckman and David Corio went to New York in 1982 to document this new music scene bubbling in America. Working for music publications like NME, they gained inside access to what would become a music and cultural phenomenon that took [...]

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World Press Photo Contest 2018

The winners of this year's World Press Photo Contest have been announced and the victorious shots are simply stunning. A picture can so often say a million words and that is certainly true with these incredible but equally heartbreaking shots. We are quite taken aback with these pictures, not only because of the story that [...]

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Blachford Turns Reality Into Fantasy In Nihon Noir

Ever wondered what the world could look like in a hundred years? Well Australian photographer Tom Blachford has made that much easier using clever photography to create futuristic looking imagery of Tokyo's metabolist buildings that fool the observer in his latest project Nihon Noir. This is the second time we've come across a brilliant piece [...]

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Back In The USSR by Peter Ortner

For the last seven years, photographer Peter Ortner has been travalling around the former Soviet Union states such as Armenia, Georgia and Uzbekistan. However what he shoots may surprise you. Ortner has found some incredible and slightly bizarre pieces of architecture in the form of bus stops and they certainly do not adhere to the [...]

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Food For Power

Photographer Dan Bannino has created a brilliant project on the food that those in power like to enjoy. An almost satirical take on these figures' eating habits, he has created a project which is really unique and we love it. A bit quirky, a bit random but what it provokes the most is that these [...]

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