The annual BBC prediction of music's future stars has been unveiled, and there are several reasons for you to start getting excited about some new material coming your way in 2019. OCTAVIAN The winner this year is 23 year old rapper Octavian. His profile blew up when Drake filmed himself singing his first hit song [...]

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There's a young Geordie on the music scene who is really grabbing our attention. Beaming off his recent Brits Critics' Choice Award win, Sam Fender's songs are not only catchy anthems, but he's talking about different and important topics. This guy is going to go far, and HEKKTA recommends you get involved. At the end [...]

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Beat Positive – Capturing The Birth Of Hip Hop

Beat Positive is an exhibition which documents the early days of hip hop. Photographers Janette Beckman and David Corio went to New York in 1982 to document this new music scene bubbling in America. Working for music publications like NME, they gained inside access to what would become a music and cultural phenomenon that took [...]

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Twin Palms – Frank Sinatra’s Mecca

Architect E Stewart Williams created one of the iconic modernist houses of Palm Springs for music legend Frank Sinatra. It became his home for many years to come and to mark California city's Modernism Week, HEKKTA takes a tour around the famous Twin Palms. Funny to think that Frank Sinatra initially requested a grand Georgian [...]

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The Return of The Gallagher Brothers

As if by some sort of coincidence, the Gallagher brothers have both returned to the forefront of music over the past few months. Don't get us wrong, it's great having the brutally honest duo back up to their old tricks. But it got us thinking, is this long-standing feud really as real as they say [...]

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Designing An Album

Design and music have long gone hand in hand. The album artwork is the first thing anyone will see, and if you get it right, it can really transform the music. Inspired by some interestingly designed covers by Tycho, a musician/designer, we decided to collate some of our favourite album covers of all time and [...]

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