Blachford Turns Reality Into Fantasy In Nihon Noir

Ever wondered what the world could look like in a hundred years? Well Australian photographer Tom Blachford has made that much easier using clever photography to create futuristic looking imagery of Tokyo's metabolist buildings that fool the observer in his latest project Nihon Noir. This is the second time we've come across a brilliant piece [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Architecture in Asia

As the wider economy of Asia continues to thrive, HEKKTA has noticed increasing numbers of property developments arising across the continent. We take a look at the trends in design and the exciting emerging architecture as well as a trusty round up of all the latest news stories in property and architecture. Architecture giant MAD [...]

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Architecture & The Olympics

So many brilliant sporting moments have occurred at the Olympics. Usain Bolt's triple triple at the Rio Olympics last year, the Super Saturday at London 2012 and Jesse Owens' incredible stand against racism with his four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. But all these amazing moments were made more powerful by the venue [...]

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Nara Dreamland Captured by Photographer Romain Veillon

Photographer Romain Veillon has captured Nara Dreamland, an abandoned theme park in Japan, in these eerie pictures of the once popular destination. His photos highlight how nature has taken over the park with weeds growing through the concrete and huge bushes engulfing the large rollercoasters. Veillon managed to get these extraordinary pictures before the park [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Greenwich Peninsula

A massive £1bn development in Greenwich Peninsula has been announced this week, which is on everyone's lips in the world of property and architecture. Many more investments into the capital have been revealed in property news also, so we get your right up to date with the latest headlines with a handy news round-up. A [...]

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Bond Architecture

We all know the classic James Bond traditions. The fast cars, the almost comical gadgets, expensive suits and classy girls with suggestive names. But brilliant architecture has always been a staple feature in the Bond films. From stylish houses to breathtaking cities, Bond has certainly got about. Having visited around 40 countries over the franchise's [...]

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Here at HEKKTA we were slightly scepticle about drones. Are they slightly glorified remote-controlled toys that kids crash into buildings? Or are they in fact state of the art, revolutionising war-time weapons? As our world changes, technological advances are increasingly becoming what shapes our culture. We can be pretty certain in saying that the invention [...]

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