HEKKTA’s Property Portal – V&A

The biggest news from the last week in the world of property & architecture is the completion of Kengo Kuma's V&A Dundee, making it Scotland's first design museum. ______________________________________________________________________ Kengo Kuma's stunning V&A museum in Dundee has been completed. Opening on the 15th September, the Japanese architect has designed a beautiful 'cliff-like' structure, which becomes [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Genoa Bridge Collapse

Property & architecture headlines this week were dominated by the bridge collapse in the Italian city of Genoa, which claimed 43 lives and has triggered a whole investigation into the safety of other bridges in the country. Other news stories include New Zealand's ban on foreign property ownership and an increasing situation in the Hong [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – MSG Sphere London

Venue experts Populous are dominating the headlines this week as the firm unveils new visuals for the MSG Sphere London in Stratford as well as announcing their plan to build North America's first eSports stadium in Texas. Other stories in the news include further light being shed on the gender pay gap scandal as more [...]

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HEKKTA’s Natwest Six Nations Tournament Review

After one of the most unpredictable Six Nations in recent years, HEKKTA are going to sum up what we learned from each team over the course of the tournament. It has really shaken up the European rugby scene from how it looked just a few months ago. So we analyse the winners, the losers and [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – London

There is a lot of activity buzzing around the capital this week, so we take a look at why London is dominating the headlines and also give you a quick update on all other news stories concerning property & architecture. Zaha Hadid Architects have proposed a plan to pedestrianise London to make a walking between [...]

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Week 2 – HEKKTA’s Six Nations Review

Week 2 of the Six Nations has already been and gone! Just as fast as we had a pint in our hand at the pub, it was over! But what a weekend we were treated to...England were calculatingly professional in their narrow victory over Wales and the Irish made pretty light work of the Italians. [...]

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HEKKTA Reviews – 1st Round of The Six Nations

What do pundits know, eh? Wow, what an opening round of this year's Six Nations. The build-up for this year had been one of anticipation and intrigue as the teams shaping up were looking very different to what we usually see. Typically, it's a three way shootout between England, Wales and Ireland. However huge injuries [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Architecture in Hollywood

Architecture is all over Hollywood this week! A movie about famous architect Mies van der Rohe starring Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal has been announced as well as the launch of the new Netflix design documentary series. A trend we would like to see continue! We also bring you the latest on all the property [...]

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Food For Power

Photographer Dan Bannino has created a brilliant project on the food that those in power like to enjoy. An almost satirical take on these figures' eating habits, he has created a project which is really unique and we love it. A bit quirky, a bit random but what it provokes the most is that these [...]

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Bond Architecture

We all know the classic James Bond traditions. The fast cars, the almost comical gadgets, expensive suits and classy girls with suggestive names. But brilliant architecture has always been a staple feature in the Bond films. From stylish houses to breathtaking cities, Bond has certainly got about. Having visited around 40 countries over the franchise's [...]

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