HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Budget

In this week's property portal, we take a look at how the budget will impact UK property, aswell as a round up of all the latest news stories concerning global property & architecture. _______________________________________________________________________ This week, the Budget was announced where the country takes a collective breath in, in preparation for another inevitable squeeze. However, [...]

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Heatherwick’s Coal Drops Yard

HEKKTA takes a look at Heatherwick's stunning new project in London's King's Cross - Coal Drops Yard. In classic Heatherwick style, he has managed to produce stunning beauty out of a conundrum. For Thomas Heatherwick, King's Cross is home. Having his studio there for the last 17 years, he has grown to know the area [...]

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Five Projects We Are Getting Excited About

2017 seemed to be the year of the skyscraper, but what will this year bring us? We give our top five projects we can't wait to see finished by the end of the year and why we believe they are special... Coal Drops Yard - Thomas Heatherwick Finally on the of the UK's finest architects [...]

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