Wildfires – A Stark Reminder

As Britain experiences another searing heatwave, problems of a far graver sort are hitting Greece. Wildfires have been sweeping through towns east of Athens and thousands of families have had to evacuate their homes. Similar fires have been breaking out across the globe, and these pictures capture the sheer size of the blazes and might [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Manhattan Flood Defences

HEKKTA's Property Portal is back with all the relevant news stories concerning architecture & property, and the big headline this week is the announcement that the BIG-designed Manhattan flood defences have got underway, which will be the city's first proper barrier to rising sea levels and flooding. ____________________________________________________________________________ The first phase of the huge flood [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Social Housing

This week HEKKTA takes a look at a few social housing projects in America hoping to help out those most vulnerable, aswell as summarising all the past week's property & architecture headlines. ___________________________________________________________________________ American studio Process Architecture are trying to do their bit for the millions of lives that have been destroyed by the heroin [...]

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Gothenburg Cable Car

The Swedish town of Gothenburg are set to get a new three kilometre cable car stretching across the city. Intelligent design and smart thinking have allowed it to work in harmony with it's environment, rather than affecting it. Designed by Dutch firm UNStudio, the cable car has had a lot of thought go into and it's [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Hotels

It's hotels that are hitting the headlines this week so HEKKTA investigates what's new in the world of hospitality, as well as all of the latest news concerning property & architecture. Sat at the bottom of the Svartisen glacier on Norway's Almlifjellet mountain, architecture firm Snøhetta have designed a circular, energy-positive hotel which will produce [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Carillion Collapse

The news surrounding the property world right now is the collapse of Carillion. The construction giant's financial troubles eventually overwhelmed it - we look into how this happened and what it will mean for the property market. We also sum up all the exciting headlines elsewhere in property news. A mounting £1.5bn debt has forced [...]

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Top Designs of 2017 – Creating a Better Future

It's coming to the end of the year where we have the chance to take a glance over what 2017 has brought to us, and also what it means for the future. We assess 10 designs that have emerged this year and how they are working towards a more sustainable future. Liuzhou Forest City by [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Green Architecture

Are architects and designers doing enough to ensure our properties are green? We take a look at what projects are developing which seek to enhance our architecture's sustainability, aswell as a quick round-up of the biggest headlines in property and architecture from the past week. Italian architect Stefano Boeri reveals his plans to build a [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Greenwich Peninsula

A massive £1bn development in Greenwich Peninsula has been announced this week, which is on everyone's lips in the world of property and architecture. Many more investments into the capital have been revealed in property news also, so we get your right up to date with the latest headlines with a handy news round-up. A [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Shanghai

With Chinese property experiencing a bit of a boom as of late, we take a closer look at what activity is occurring in the property world in one of China's biggest cities, Shanghai. We also have searched around the property and architecture world to bring you up to date with all the biggest news headlines. [...]

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