HEKKTA’s Property Portal – MSG Sphere London

Venue experts Populous are dominating the headlines this week as the firm unveils new visuals for the MSG Sphere London in Stratford as well as announcing their plan to build North America's first eSports stadium in Texas. Other stories in the news include further light being shed on the gender pay gap scandal as more [...]

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Sound of 2018 – The Artists You Should Be Keeping An Ear Out For

The winner of the Sound of 2018 has been revealed as the Norweigan pop singer Sigrid. We read more into the four other acts she is joined by in the top five of this coveted award, and give our take on the winners. We were surprised to see how different the artists are in this [...]

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The American Way of Life Explored Through Photography

HEKKTA loves all things American; we love the patriotic idealism, the scenic country, the powerfully obnoxious muscle cars. These factors haven’t changed over the years and are highlighted in photographer Emmanuel Geroges’s book, America Rewind which documents the exploration of the 'American Dream', or lack of it left in the USA. Using an analogue, large-format [...]

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Architecture & The Olympics

So many brilliant sporting moments have occurred at the Olympics. Usain Bolt's triple triple at the Rio Olympics last year, the Super Saturday at London 2012 and Jesse Owens' incredible stand against racism with his four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. But all these amazing moments were made more powerful by the venue [...]

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NFL Stadium Food

With NFL Super Bowl LI fast approaching, what will all the ravenous football fans be chomping on during the four hour long event? It would come as no surprise that there will be meat and a lot of it. There will be cheese and a lot of that too. Burgers, fries, nachos, chicken, waffle fries. [...]

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Food For Power

Photographer Dan Bannino has created a brilliant project on the food that those in power like to enjoy. An almost satirical take on these figures' eating habits, he has created a project which is really unique and we love it. A bit quirky, a bit random but what it provokes the most is that these [...]

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