Designer Jun Mitani has created a Player of the Match trophy for the 2019 Japan Rugby World Cup, which brilliantly fuses tradition and innovation, incorporating live match commentary onto the surface of the award etched on by laser.

The 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan is well alive and kicking, with the much-hyped tournament so far living up to it’s big billing. With a couple huge upsets already taking place, fans, pundits and players alike are all raring to go for round three.

The attention to detail from the organisers so far has been brilliant, and this is certainly the case with the Player of the Match trophy designed by Jun Mitani.

As a professor of Information and Systems at the University of Tsukuba, Mitani is very aware of the importance of heritage in his design. When designing the trophy, he was keen for it to resemble the sharp edges and folds associated with the old Japanese art form of origami.

“This trophy beautifully incorporates the essence of Japan with its interpretation of the folds of the traditional art of origami,” explained Mitani.

“It’s a wonderful design, which encompasses the spirit of rugby in its sturdy and impressive form.”

Working in association with Mastercard, he was allowed to run wild with his imagination, and came up with the idea to etch live match commentary onto the actual trophy during the game, ready to be presented at the end.

Not only has this never been done before, but it gives the respective player a piece of memorabilia truly unique to them, allowing them to relive those special moments on the field.

Rugby World Cup Player of the Match Trophy

The text featured upon the trophy is gathered during the game, monitoring the official commentary from the match, and also scouring for tweets and posts on social media.

It is then subsequently etched on with a laser during the game, to be awarded at the end.

“The Mastercard Player of the Match trophy blends Japanese heritage with cutting-edge technology, celebrating the first-ever Rugby World Cup in Asia,” said the brand.

“This unique story-making approach enables players to take home a first-of-its-kind, truly priceless account of the match, so they can re-live moments of passion, excitement and sporting greatness.”

This new, unique trophy provides a far more personal and evocative experience for those lucky enough to win them, and it is certainly something HEKKTA thinks will be copied and reproduced for other matches, and even other sports.

Who knows, maybe Mitani will have the same honour bestowed to him for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Rugby World Cup Player of the Match Trophy

Rugby World Cup Player of the Match Trophy