iPhone X

HEKKTA takes a look at Apple’s latest addition to their range, the iPhone X. We assess it’s improvements, it’s down-sides and we also try to answer the question everyone asks with Apple products – is it really worth the money?

We have to say that we like the look of it and one thing you can say about Apple, it’s that they know how to create a sleek design. Previous grievances with the iPhone is that as the screen gets bigger, so does the phone. The iPhone 8 Plus was more of an iPad really and you can’t fit it in your pocket; it’s all just a bit inconvenient. Well this time they have enlarged the screen to 5.8 inches by removing the home button, giving it a far more modern look and feel. Now all you have to do to return to the home screen is swipe up. A little odd to start with I’m sure, but just something that takes getting used to and hugely benefits the feel of the phone. From what users have said, this phone’s compatibility is up to Apple’s usual high standards with the new setup being really user friendly and easy to navigate once you get the hang of it.

One of the key new features to this phone is the face recognition. When we first heard about it, we were sceptical to say the least. All that sprung to mind were our favourite superhero movies and with men in lyrca having their face scanned by a talking screen (scary this is now reality). However reviews say it’s very impressive. Many have tried to trick it by shaving off their beard or using a twin sibling, but the recognition doesn’t get it wrong. Apple have certainly achieved a new, futuristic method of unlocking your phone, but we can’t help thinking – isn’t Touch ID a tad easier/quicker?

The OLED screen is another big plus, which Apple have claimed offers more realistic colours than it’s competitors in the Galaxy Note 8 and Pixel 2 XL. Reviews back say this screen really is stunning, which ranks highly in our priorities that’s for sure. However, this new phone has much the same processor as the last model so if you were buying the iPhone X based purely on it’s speed, maybe think again.

But they have improved the dual-camera with better colour filters being a feature and better image stabilisation.

iPhone X Camera

iPhone X Camera

However, (and this is a big however) they have gotten rid of the headphone jack, which is just another Apple scheme to get you buying more of their overpriced products. HEKKTA are music lovers and we want to be able to plug our music into any headphones, speakers or earphones we wish! Whilst many Apple trends filtrate through the mobile phone industry, we are praying this one begins and stops at Apple. Wireless is not always a good thing and we believe it’s a selfish piece of design and one we are very unhappy about!

Also a con of this phone, unsurprisingly, is the price. The cheapest you can buy the 256GB version on an EE plan is £72.99 with an upfront cost of £229.99 but if you want to buy the handset itself, it’s going to set you back an enormous £1,149. Wow.

For the ridiculous price you would also be buying Apple’s most fragile phone yet and also the most expensive to fix and many of the apps haven’t yet been programmed to work with the iPhone X screen (but that will change over time).

So our concencus – Apple are the industry kings of sleek design and seamless compatibility, which we are big fans of here at HEKKTA. But with each new generation of iPhone, it feels as if Apple are pushing the consumer further and further each time. The beautiful design and vivid screen is great but will I be paying a grand for it? I think I’ll wait until the price drops by next year and snap it up on a cheap monthly plan.

It’s definitely not worth a grand, but we think Apple have done a good job with the latest addition to their range. The phone is not without faults, but thumbs up for design.