Travel agency Luxury Action are creating the “northernmost hotel in the world”, in a series of modern igloos perched right on the frontline of the climate change crisis, giving the everyday consumer once in a lifetime access.

In a region of such mystique and intrigue, it is usually only explorers or scientists who would get to witness the wonders of the Arctic Circle, at the spinning top of our planet.

However, Luxury Action are creating a completely unique experience for anyone to enjoy.

Several glass igloos will be placed on the North Pole, so you could spend a night under the millions of stars at the top of our globe.

The sophisticated igloos have been tested to withstand the extreme conditions they will face in the North Pole, with temperatures dropping well below freezing and blisteringly strong winds. Even with this rigorous testing, they have had to design them so they are completely portable, as they can only occupy the site for one month a year, in April.

For the rest of the year, they are placed on a glacier in Svalbard, the archipelago between the North Pole and Norway.

Not a bad alternative!

The reason for choosing April is because it is of the milder temperatures, and it is also the month before the major polar expeditions start.

The lucky guests of this amazing experience will be flown in by helicopter, directly onto the frozen sea, where they will find the camp of glass igloos.

North Pole Igloos - Luxury Action

North Pole Igloos – Luxury Action

Here guests will experience skies like no other, illustrated within the picture below. Stars and milky ways one could only ever dream of seeing, and better yet, you might even catch the Northern Lights.

The luxury igloos have their own toilet, a glass ceiling so you can gaze to your hearts content, and a beautiful interior. Accompanying you on your stay will be a camp manager, an arctic wilderness guide, a chef and even security!

North Pole Igloos - Luxury Action

North Pole Igloos – Luxury Action

This holiday come expedition is amazing opportunity to travel to a place most will never see, but Luxury Action are also keen to raise awareness for another cause.

Our planet.

With Arctic ice declining by 12.8% every decade, the North Pole really is at the frontline of global warming and climate change.

As sheets of ice drop off into the icy waters, this not only raises sea levels, but endangers the lives of the animals that call it home.

Luxury Action

Luxury Action

Luxury Action are keen to show guests such impact, and educate them on the battle that, not just the animals, but this whole planet is facing.

“All our guests who have been travelling with us, take concern of the arctic nature and climate crisis. I believe they are also the best messengers for us in order to spread word of how climate change affects our lives in the arctic, as well as what are the effects on our arctic animals and nature”

Hoping that guests come away from this experience, not only having had a good time, but with the knowledge and awareness of the climate change issue and the real effects it is having right now.

North Pole Igloos - Luxury Action

North Pole Igloos – Luxury Action

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