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To mark International Women’s Day, HEKKTA thought we’d centre this week’s property portal around women in property & architecture. In the midst of the gender pay gap scandal right at the top of the craft and also all the Hollywood unearthing, now is a more important time than ever to focus on equality and respect amongst men and women.

The UK’s largest architectural firm, Foster + Partners, has revealed that it pays women 10.5 per cent less per hour than men, based on the median of its staff’s salaries. But they were quick to clarify that this was not an equal pay issue and women and men are paid the same for doing the same job. However it was more an indicator of far more men in senior positions.

Foster + Partners has one woman among its 29 strong senior management team, which includes the executive chairman, senior executive partners and senior partners. They have sinced pledged to take action to increase the number of women in senior positions. About time!

Yesomi Umolu has been named as the artistic director for Chicago’s third architecture biennial, taking place next year.

The three candidates for the Architectural Association’s new director named in a previous property portal have been whittled down to one! It’s Catalan architect, curator and educator Eva Franch i Gilabert who will be the new director!

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A sustainable city next to Oslo airport has been masterminded by Haptic Architects and Nordic Office of Architecture, and the plan is for the city to be powered completely by self-produced energy. Any excess energy it produces will be either sold to neighbouring cities or used to de-ice planes!

Oslo Airport City (OAC) - HEKKTA - Women In Architecture

Oslo Airport City (OAC) – HEKKTA – Women In Architecture

New York’s new vast cultural centre, designed by New York studios Diller Scofidio + Renfro (DS+R) and Rockwell Group, called The Shed is progressing nicely as further pictures and plans are released. Click here to have a look.

The Shed - Women In Architecture

The Shed – Women In Architecture

Design studio RB Systems have come up with a new skyscraper for Manhattan’s skyline; a super thin pencil shaped building, which would be supported by spiralling steel cables rather than columns. At 400 metres tall, it would exceed the Empire State Building and could potentially change how skyscrapers are built in the future. But does it really work with the skyline?

The Pencil (HEKKTA's given name) at 265 West 45th Street, just west of Times Square - HEKKTA - Women In Architecture

The Pencil (HEKKTA’s given name) at 265 West 45th Street, just west of Times Square – HEKKTA – Women In Architecture

The Guardian discovered that developers in the UK’s biggest cities are getting away with building practically zero affordable housing. Manchester has 15,000 new homes being built and none of them are affordable. Sheffield and Nottingham were not far off zero with 1.4% and 3.8% respectively.

Trump economics, which consist of cutting taxes for wealthy and introduced leniant policies, have caused a boom in Manhattan’s luxury property market.

House price growth at it’s lowest level for five years.

David Adjaye has released plans for a stunning new cathedral for Ghana’s capital, Accra. It will be his first major project in Accra but his growing clientele in the capital means he may open a studio there. So plenty more projects to come no doubt!