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HEKKTA investigates how water is inspiring some of the most recent architecture projects as well as updating you on all relevant news concerning property & architecture.

An ideas contest called Beyond the Centerline to transform Park Avenue’s central reservation in Manhattan has produced some very exciting designs with studios imagining waterfalls and even a kayaking route for commuters. There were 150 entrants but it’s been whittled down to a shortlist of 17. Just imagine if you you kayak to work! Could we see a river of water running through the middle of New York?

Zaha Hadid Architects have designed a huge cultural hub in the United Arab Emirates based on “the moment a water droplet strikes the earth’s surface”. The project, in the city of Sharjah, will feature droplet-shaped buildings which will provide homes for 70,000 residents and offer 500,000 square metres of office space along a 165,000-square-metre shopping district.

Ajada Central Hub, Zaha Hadid Architects - HEKKTA - Water

Ajada Central Hub, Zaha Hadid Architects – HEKKTA – Water

It has been revealed that London property prices have fallen by as much as 15% in some parts in the last year, many believe as a result of Brexit. In some cases, homes in Wandsworth have fallen in price by 100,000 in 2017. Contrastingly, homes in the north-west of England have experienced a surge.

This year’s Women In Architecture Awards have been announced with Woman Architect of the Year going to Barclay & Crousse co-founder Sandra Barclay, and the Emerging Female Architect award went to Gabinete de Arquitectura partner Gloria Cabral.

London landlords who sold their rental properties in 2017 made four times the amount of profit of those selling outside the capital.

New York’s Chelsea neighbourhood will soon have the new addition of Danish architecture giant BIG’s new twisting residential towers. The firm released new pictures of the project to keep us up to date with the progress of the huge redevelopment project along the High Line.

The Eleventh, BIG - HEKKTA - Water

The Eleventh, BIG – HEKKTA – Water

The average age of first time buyers has risen by 7 years since 1960, when the average age was 23.

Stanstead Airport is readying itself for expansion in which they plan to invest £340m. The expansion will be split into two parts; the new arrivals building, which will cost around £130m and the remodelling of the main departure terminal is predicted to be between £180-220m. Stanstead Airport are now readying themselves for bids on the project.

The proposed new arrivals hall for Stanstead Airport - HEKKTA - Water

The proposed new arrivals hall for Stanstead Airport – HEKKTA – Water

The Guardian investigates how collapsed UK property schemes luring small investors is sparking fraud allegations.