In this week’s property portal, HEKKTA are focusing on the use of timber in architecture, and the rising number of projects turning to the sustainable material. We also look at two major infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and New York.

The world’s tallest tower, Mjøstårnet by Voll Arkitekter, has just been completed in the Norwegian town of Brumunddal. Standing at 85.4 metres high, the firm adapted the use of timber using cross-laminated timber, which allowed the architects to build higher with more sustainable materials. However, the building’s use of timber does not just stop at the exterior; the lift shafts themselves are made out of CLT aswell, and the columns are made from a glued laminated timber called glulam.

Kengo Kuma also turned to timber when designing the new Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) in Turkey, which is set to open in June this year. He stacked the timber together to create an aesthetic that echoed the traditional Ottoman wooden cantilevered houses of the region, so the design is certainly one that evokes a local feel. The museum itself will house a range of modern and contemporary art, with a stunning wooden atrium running through the centre.

Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) - HEKKTA - Timber
Odunpazari Modern Museum (OMM) – HEKKTA – Timber

3XN propose a glass and timber office building for Toronto, which if built, will become the “tallest timber office building” in North America. The classy building comprises of two blocks, which will be 42 metres at its highest point. Again CLT was used on this project as the firm explains, “The use of timber contributes to the sustainability of the building, both reducing construction time and allowing the building’s elements to be easily disassembled and re-used for other purposes.”

T3 Bayside - HEKKTA - Timber
T3 Bayside – HEKKTA – Timber

The Hong Kong government have announced plans for a vast infrastructure project, which involves building of the world’s largest artificial islands. Faced with a housing crisis, the £60bn scheme, which will reclaim land near the island of Lantau, will take back 1,000 hectares of land, providing enough space for 260,000 homes.

Rafael Viñoly’s 125 Greenwich Street skyscraper, which is now the tallest residential building in downtown Manhattan, has topped out at 912ft. The thin, glass condo tower is an exhibition on modern New York architecture, with luxury apartments and sprawling views of the city.

125 Greenwich Street - HEKKTA - Timber
125 Greenwich Street – HEKKTA – Timber

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that a struggling London housing market is dragging down the national property market.

It appears man’s attempt to reclaim more land is a topic this week too, as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announces a $10 billion coastal resilience project, designed to protect Lower Manhattan from flooding. It would work by effectively extending the waterfront of the Financial District 500 feet into the East River.

Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Project - HEKKTA - Timber
Lower Manhattan Climate Resilience Project – HEKKTA – Timber

A commission has been established by the Scottish government in an attempt to rebalance the ownership of countryside land by the ultra-wealthy.

Construction has begun on Zaha Hadid’s Danjiang Bridge in Taiwan, which will become the world’s single-mast longest bridge when completed, sprawling for a massive 920 metres.

Danjiang Bridge - HEKKTA - Timber
Danjiang Bridge – HEKKTA – Timber

Heatherwick Studio and ERY Vessel LLC (the company running the structure), have come under criticism as it emerges that ownership of all pictures taken by visitors at Vessel will belong to the owning company.

Criticisms have arisen over the quality of Persimmon homes, one of Britain’s biggest housebuilders, who have responded by allowing homebuyers to withhold an average of £3,600 per home until all faults are fixed.

Studio Libeskind have unveiled images for a new museum in Chile, with a sharp, angular design intended to mimic the Atacama Desert. Situated in one of the driest areas in the world, the Museo Regional de Tarapacá (MAR) will celebrate Chilean history, including pre-Hispanic history of the Atacama Desert, the colonial history of Chile, its mining years and the present day.

Museo Regional de Tarapacá  - HEKKTA - Timber
Museo Regional de Tarapacá – HEKKTA – Timber

Scottish commercial property is catching the eye of wealthy overseas investors, as last year it attracted more investment than France, Japan and South Korea.

Jean Nouvel’s National Museum of Qatar is set to open on March 28th, just three days time.

The UK is expected to suffer its first fall in prices since the post-crash property slump of 2011 before the end of this year.

Mecanoo design a stunning, bronze skyscraper for the Chinese city of Shenzhen, featuring the world’s largest weaving enterprise in two volumes above a commercial plinth.

Hengli Group Headquarters - HEKKTA - Timber
Hengli Group Headquarters – HEKKTA – Timber