Tel Aviv is set for it’s tallest skyscraper yet, and a new way of providing council housing is underway in Hackney. Glance your eyes over our weekly property portal to find out more…


KPF have designed a beautiful, spiralling skyscraper for the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. Standing at 340 metres, it will become the tallest building in the country, with a viewing platform at the top providing views all the way out to the Mediterranean, and if you’re lucky, all the way to Jerusalem. The building, as most skyscrapers are these days, will be mixed-use with a blend of apartments, offices and also a shopping centre on the ground floor.

Azieli Tower, Tel Aviv

Azrieli Tower, Tel Aviv


David Chipperfield Architects has joined Karakusevic Carson Architects to assist with the redevelopment of the Colville Estate in Hackney. They have finished two residential towers called Hoxton Press, one standing at 20 storeys in dark brick, and the other at 16 storeys in red brick. What is so revolutionary in the structure of the redevelopment is that the apartments within the Hoxton Press towers are being sold privately to help fund the provision of more affordable homes elsewhere on the estate, turning the old council housing model on it’s head.

Hoxton Press - HEKKTA - Tel Aviv

Hoxton Press – HEKKTA – Tel Aviv


The US Pavilion at the Dubai Expo in 2020 will feature a Virgin Hyperloop simulator, in which people can experience a first glimpse at the revolutionary new transport solution being developed by the world’s biggest businessmen including Richard Branson and Elon Musk.


Architects Morris + Company have proposed a solution to aid London’s homeless crisis, by transforming a London underground station to create a co-living and co-working situation, with offices for young start-ups combined with a hostel for the homeless.


Architecture giant Foster + Partners have designed a stunning, futuristic style skyscraper for the China Merchants Bank in Shenzhen’s new Super Headquarters District.

“The tower’s design represents a significant step in the evolution of the workplace, which we have evolved in close partnership with the client to create a highly flexible floorplate that can be adjusted to their fast-changing needs and provide an excellent working environment for their staff,” said Grant Brooker head of studio at Foster + Partners.

“The building will be a symbol of the bank’s premier status in the industry, embodying its strong legacy while looking firmly towards the future.”

China Merchants Bank HQ - HEKKTA - Tel Aviv

China Merchants Bank HQ – HEKKTA – Tel Aviv


The UK construction sector has hit a three month low as fears of a no deal Brexit has dampened demand for new commercial projects.


A floating house has been designed by architecture duo SO? in Istanbul, in a response to the lack of emergency housing solutions in the event of an earthquake.

Fold and Float - HEKKTA - Tel Aviv

Fold and Float – HEKKTA – Tel Aviv


Whilst the Brexit date looms over much of the property market, it is predicted that the low house prices and relative inactivity within the property market will provide a good investing climate for those confident of a market revival after a final decision is made on Brexit.


British architectural designer John Pawson has been recognised for services to design and architecture with a CBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list 2019.


House price growth continues it’s slow form, rising an average of 0.5% in December, the slowest rate for almost six years.


South African studio DHK have transformed what was once the Amsterdam Battery, a series of coastal fortifications built in the 18th century, into a skate park that sits right by the V&A Waterfront district. Battery Park is part of the studio’s wider plans to transform the underused Canal District, by bringing a greater variety of visitors.

Battery Park - HEKKTA - Tel Aviv

Battery Park – HEKKTA – Tel Aviv


Statistics and forecasts have predicted that Britain is heading for it’s worst house building decade since World War Two. The average completions of 130,000 houses per year between 2010 and 2019 is far below the 147,000 achieved in the 2000s or the 150,000 of the 1990s, and half of the level in the 1960s and 1970s. However, the government have recognised the growing crisis at hand, and have put it as a centre focal point for the coming years, so there are signs that the next ten years will be far more positive.


Worsen your holiday yearning by gawping at this simplistic, yet brilliant house created by En Route Architects on the Greek Island of Kea. Created in order to maximise the impact of it’s surroundings, the house provides incredible views over the Aegean Sea.

“The Parallel House was built as a strong yet minimal contrast to its surrounding landscape,” explained the studio led by architects Katerina Kourkoula and Hannes Livers Gutberlet.

“Through this contrast and the embedding of hidden principles, the focus is laid upon the maximum experience of the landscape itself.”

Parallel House - HEKKTA - Tel Aviv

Parallel House – HEKKTA – Tel Aviv


Forbes indicate that they see architecture in 2019 focusing on a new trend; wellness architecture. This means that the way the house is designed is not only for sustainability, but it also maximises the health and wellbeing of the occupant, such as increased light and good air flow.