HEKKTA’s Property Portal – South America

In this week’s property portal, we’re taking a closer look at South America and what activity is going on as well as a round up of all the news in property and architecture.

A red pigmented concrete museum building has replaced another museum that was destroyed by an earthquake in Peru. The Museo de Sitio Julio C Tello in Peru, South America, is an archaeology museum, which was designed by Barclay & Crousse as it is located very close to the Great Paracas Necropolis; the oldest archaeological site in the region where, in the 1920s, explorer Julio C Tello discovered burial sites over 2,000 years old. These sites provided the exhibits for the museum.

Architecture firm NMD Nomadas have created a concrete and glass house in Venezuela, which features a skinny pool and a courtyard to escape the tropical climate of South America.

Argentinian architecture studio Morini Arquitectos was responsible for overseeing the latest phase of a plan for a tower in the campus of Universidad Siglo 21, Cordoba. The building was designed and built to make an innovative architectural statement.

Universidad Siglo 21 Tower - Morini Arquitectos - Cordoba - Argentina, South America

Universidad Siglo 21 Tower – Morini Arquitectos – Cordoba – Argentina, South America

A huge 15,608 square feet, three storey Massimo Dutti store on the Presidente Masaryk Avenue in Mexico City has been covered in a large dark metallic, fibreglass screen by local firm Sordo Madaleno Architects (SMA). They were tasked with this to improve it’s urban qualities from the steel and concrete building it once was.

Massimo Duti - SMA - Mexico, South America

Massimo Duti – SMA – Mexico, South America

Trump says he will “design or negotiate” a cheaper option for the Mexico border wall.

Hackney has recorded the biggest house price growth in the whole of London with prices rising by 700% in just two decades.

Zaha Hadid’s 46-storey Leeza Soho skyscraper in Beijing is expected to feature a huge twisting atrium which will be the world’s tallest. Construction has already begun on this 207 metre skyscraper which is to be located in the Lize Financial Business District and will serve as a business, residential and transport hub.

Leeza Soho - Zaha Hadid - Beijing, China

Leeza Soho – Zaha Hadid – Beijing, China

Continuing house shortages and steady demand see house prices rise by amounts of up to 7.2%, defying seasonal trends.

Plans for a new aquatics centre in Linköping, Sweden have been revealed by Danish firm 3XN, beating Zaha Hadid in the competition. Named Vågen (The Wave), it will feature undulating, wooden roof covered with glass and will be ‘waste-free’. The founder Kim Herforth Nielsen said, “The waveform in the facade as well as the large panoramic windows blur the boundary between pools inside and lake outside.”

A new grandstand has been designed for a stadium in Estonia and it is really quite grand! Located in Pärnu, this wooden, angular roof was designed by Tallinn studio KAMP Arhitektid and they have created a visually stunning stadium.

Parnü Stadium - Estonia - Tallinn studio KAMP Arhitektid

Parnü Stadium – Estonia – Tallinn studio KAMP Arhitektid

House prices have risen faster across the whole of England than London for the first time since 2008.

A recent property boom sees a boost in estate agents’ pay.

A huge music centre in Calgary, Canada has been completed by Allied Works Architecture, with some calling it their, “most ambitious project to date”. It has recording facilities, a broadcasting studio and a 300 seat concert hall. The enormous project covers two city blocks (160,000 square feet). The two blocks are connected by a bridge over the road. The metallic building is covered in terracotta tiles, interrupted by openings.

Music Centre - Allied Works Architecture - Canada

Music Centre – Allied Works Architecture – Canada

Wealth managers are to ‘blame’ for property fund suspensions.

Charitable housing trust Peabody are set to build affordable housing for 80,000 people in the East London areas of Fish Island and Thamesmead, with another £2bn to be spent on more low-cost developments around London. This continues the steady investment and regeneration of East London.

Is this the ultimate mega mansion?

Despite a prime property market slowdown, properties in Mayfair are still more expensive than those in pricey Manhattan areas at an average cost of £18 million or £3,850 per square foot. Although houses in Manhattan may appear to have a higher price tag, they are usually a lot bigger than those in Mayfair meaning the average cost of a house in Manhattan stands at £3,575 per square foot. Useful information if you ever need to pick between the two!