HEKKTA are peeping our head out the door to see what’s going on in our wonderful city of London. New hanging gardens, schemes in the west and a resurgence neighbours…

We will fill you in on all that is going on in our bustling capital, aswell as a round up of architecture and property news from around the globe.

Foster + Partners have completed their new skyscraper, which is part of a wider mixed-use development between the City of London and Shoreditch. Among many other Foster + Partners projects in the city, Principle Tower is a luxury residential building, with huge windows from the floor to the ceiling, capturing unparalleled views of London. Combined with the tower, Principle Place also contains a 15 storey building which will house the offices for Amazon UK.

The City could also be home to the UK’s tallest ‘hanging garden’ tower, with a new building designed by Eric Parry set to be built. With the thousands of hanging plants serving to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, it will be situated on 50 Fenchurch Street and will add a very different look to the already aerially busy area.

A new film has been brought out, named City Dreamers, which tells the story of how 4 women changed the way we create our cities. The work of Phyllis Lambert, Denise Scott Brown, Cornelia Hahn Oberlander and Blanche Lemco van Ginkel pioneered the forces that shape the city of today and tomorrow. The film debuted last week at the Cairo International Film Festival for its MENA Premiere.

We recommend you give it a watch!

A new housing project has been given the green light in Acton, West London, with 1,000 new homes set to be built, aswell as green space with gardens and games areas. The plan is to deliver 45% of this scheme in the affordable housing bracket.

The Help-to-Buy ISA is finished, after a quarter of a million properties were bought using the scheme.

In a bold move, Norwegian big boys Snohetta have pledged to only build carbon-negative buildings, meaning they produce more energy than they consume, and they are attempting to achieve this within the next 20 years. Kjetil Thorsen announced this as the firm’s target, stating a response to climate change was “bloody urgent”. 

The pound appears to have had a resurgence, despite election uncertainty, hitting a six month high, and UK house prices have also risen at their fastest rate in seven months. 

AFC Wimbledon’s dream of returning to Plough Lane is yet again under threat, as a further £11m is required to build the stadium. The club face three options of continue spending some of the budget, suffering the likely result of a relegation this season, build the stadium at a far smaller capacity than planned, or accept offers of private investment, which would relinquish some of the autonomy of the club for the future.

Are you a fan of minimalist architecture? Well Lisbon-based firm Aires Mateus have taken this to new levels! Almost invisible, the ‘House in Monsaraz’, is embedded into the ground, with only slightest hint of rock to tell you there is anything there at all.  The project has been in the pipeline since 2007, and it has been the subject of real thought and consideration.

Built for a private client, the property looks out over the Alqueva Lake, in Southern Portugal. Click here to see pictures. 

Researchers have created a new brick made out of recycled plastic, which they claim has 10 times the insulation ability of a normal clay brick. Made in a 3D printer, the brick is created by crossing tiny strands of plastic over each other to form a grid.

Could this be a building material for the future?

London might be taking the brunt of the Brexit housing slump, but this has made way for new places to enjoy various boosts. Bracknell, Slough, Stevenage, Northampton and Milton Keynes have been enjoying prosperous times as of late, and they are predicted to become future property hotspots for those escaping the inner city.

Southampton is another town on the up, with a major new gateway scheme just being granted planning permission. The Nelson Gate regeneration project will see a huge amount of old buildings refurbished, aswell as the construction of two new blocks housing flats, offices and also recreational centres.

An incredible new design has won an international competition to design the new +One Tower in Gothenburg, Sweden. Tham & Videgard will create the new tower, considered one of Europe’s largest integrated meeting locations. Founded in 1923, the new addition is scheduled for completion in 2025, the new project will enhance the neighbourhood with the parallel creation of two entrances to the new station for the underground railway system. Also, in conjunction, the original main exhibition hall from 1957 will be refurbished.