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HEKKTA’s Property Portal is back delivering the weekly round up of all that’s good and bad in property and architecture at the moment, and it’s the modern library that we are focusing on this week. Have a read and find out why…

David Adjaye’s library and events complex has won approval in Florida‘s Winter Park. He plans to create a “micro village” very near Martin Luther King Jr Park in Downtown Orlando. The $30 million (£22.7 million) Winter Park Public Library and Events Center will consist of three pavilions with the key feature being a library.

“Our goal is to create a vibrant community village that engages the beauty of the park, maximises social interactive spaces and holds collaborative learning and education at its core,” said Adjaye.

Perhaps many have been wondering what our beloved Barack Obama has been doing since he left office. Well he’s been working to open the Barack Obama Presidential Centre in Chicago by 2021, which will feature a museum, a library, a recording studio and an auditorium. He is currently raising the money for the centre which he hopes will serve as a centre for democracy, citizenship and civic engagement.

New York Public Library is set to have a bit of a make over as Dutch architecture firm Mecanoo unveil their plan. The work is for the Stephen A Schwarzman Building, the library’s main branch, which aims to increase the publicly accessible space by 20%. The project which will be completed in two stages in 2018 and 2020, is estimated to cost an enormous $317 million (£240 million). Guess knowledge really is money!

Stephen A Schwarzman Building Masterplan - New York Public Library

Stephen A Schwarzman Building Masterplan – New York Public Library

The 2014 Starter Home initiative, a flagship government programme to deliver 200,000 discounted new homes to first-time buyers hasn’t seen one home built yet.

After the devastating damage brought on by Hurricane Harvey, Houston’s urban design came under real criticism because of the poor design failing to stop the catastrophic flooding. This kick-started the 20 year plan to overhaul the Downtown business district to prevent damage to that extent re-occuring.

RIAS chief Neil Baxter resigns after pressure from Scottish architects for reform.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has put Britain’s housing at the heart of his budget scrapping stamp duty altogether for first time buyers of houses worth £300,000 or less. This will cut the tax for 95% of first time buyers and abolish it completely for 80%.

This year’s winner of World Building of The Year in the World Architecture Festival was a small house in the Chinese Guangming Village, which was damaged in the 2014 Ludian earthquake. The small house won the hearts of the critics with its method of building, using rammed earth rather that expensive materials such as brick and concrete. The Chinese University of Hong Kong developed the technique which was designed to be more earthquake-proof.

World Building of The Year - Guangming Village - Property Portal - The Modern Library

World Building of The Year – Guangming Village – Property Portal – The Modern Library

Albert C Ledner, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright who helped proliferate modern architecture across the US, has died in New Hampshire aged 93.

A new sports arena in Copenhagen has been completed by Danish firm 3XN. The sports arena features a glass wall surrounding with timber fins. 3XN teamed up with global architecture firm HKS to host concerts and international sporting events.

Royal Arena - 3XN - Copenhagen

Royal Arena – 3XN – Copenhagen

China step up market regulation and crack down on speculation in the property market with the intention to stabilise prices and fend off bubble risks.

The experts answer our questions on whether we can get planning permission before we purchase a house.

The first visitors have just walked into the new Foster + Partners designed Apple Park Visitor Centre in California. This is just one of a few buildings Foster + Partners have designed for Apple’s new headquarters, a 175-acre (71-hectare) campus known as Apple Park. The centre has a carbon fibre roof and transparent walls, in harmony with Apple’s trademark sleek design style.

Apple Park Visitor Centre - Property Portal - The Modern Library

Apple Park Visitor Centre – Property Portal – The Modern Library