HEKKTA wraps up the last week’s property & architecture news from all over the globe, including a new rooftop infinity pool set for London, a new skyscraper in the Big Apple, and some new developments in Madrid.

Swimming pool designers Compass Pools have created a new vision for the world’s first 360 degree pool, right here in London. Placed atop a skyscraper, swimmers would get staggering views of the city, all whilst bobbing around in their trunks. Swimmers would enter the pool from underneath, so no ladders involved at all.

“The solution is based on the door of a submarine, coupled with a rotating spiral staircase which rises from the pool floor when someone wants to get in or out – the absolute cutting edge of swimming pool and building design and a little bit James Bond to boot!”

The idea is for the top few floors to be a hotel, leading up to the main attraction. Although the location has yet to be scouted for the pool, HEKKTA hopes this becomes a reality! Might be a bit nippy, though.

New York-based architecture firm CetraRuddy have finally unveiled the full design for their new Rose Hill tower, designed for the Rockefeller Group. Taking inspiration from the city’s art deco history, the 183-metre building in New York’s NoMad neighbourhood is a beautiful blend of old and new architecture.

Madrid could scrap their recent low-emissions zone in the capital, which prevented cars going through the centre, because of the new right-wing mayor who looks set to take over from the old one. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who is part of Spain’s right-wing Partido Popular, says that traffic is, “a sign identity of our city, that the street is always alive,”, and despite vast improvements in air quality, if she wins in her bid, she will scrap the zone.

Conversely, the Finnish government have written their pledge for carbon neutrality by 2035 into law, after much pressure from the Finnish public to take a lead in the global tackle of global warming.

Yesterday, a helicopter crashed on the top of the AXA Equitable Center in Manhattan, killing the pilot, but fortunately there were no other casualties.

It appears architects are turning their attention to the French capital, as Carlo Ratti unveils his vision for the urban highways of Paris in 2050. The firm’s ‘Urban New Deal’ reimagines how the highways can be used, seen more as flexible-use spaces, transformable into areas for farming and even recreational spaces.

A new house price forecast has suggested that the UK housing market is set for a summer boost, as house prices return to the levels of mid 2018, after a very dour performance so far this year.

A new £350m Barking urban-village, set right on the riverfront has just been approved, with the development set to provide 1,000 new homes to the area. Named Abbey Quays, the site will also be home to a new athletes training centre, named after Olympic gold-winning gymnast Max Whitlock.

Studio Gang’s new 11 Hoyt building in Brooklyn has topped out, standing at 620 feet.

A “giant of our time”, the Chicago architect Stanley Tigerman, a founding member of the rebellious postmodern architecture group Chicago Seven, has passed away aged 88.

A report commissioned by the Labour Party in the fight against money laundering has suggested revealing the owners of offshore companies holding UK property and publish details of land owned by trusts to tackle the issue.

Cairo’s future as a city has been reimagined by Dubai-based architects Islam El Mashtooly and Mouaz Abouzaid, who see a series of aqueducts being the way to integrate the city. Their project “LifeLines” is centered on the idea that by connecting people with water in a series of lines and paths that are laid over the city, they can serve as a catalyst for development.

Despite strength in the housing market in Scotland, sales in commercial property have fallen sharply since the start of the year.

The Government have revealed their proposals for new high rise building safety regime following the Grenfell disaster, which would also make failing to comply with regulations a criminal offence.

It appears people are tiring of miserable weather and the underperforming housing market in the UK, and are turning to Spain, as property sales are up a huge 14% in the first quarter of 2019.

New research has suggested that young people are far less mobile than 20 years ago, due to the high rents in better paying parts of the country.

Japanese firm Nendo have completed their stylish new office in Tokyo, wrapped in a timber grid designed “to bring the outside in”. Kojimachi Terrace was intended to be a counter to the city’s closed off buildings, and the contrasting colours certainly make for a different aesthetic also.