Some big projects from around the globe were announced this week, ranging from the first cable car to cross country lines, a huge new stadium in LA, and a piece of angular excellence in Shenzhen.

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The world’s first international cable car is set to be built between Russia and China by UNStudio. Crossing the Amur River, the cable car will straddle the two countries between Blagoveshchensk and Heihe. Interestingly, for parts of the year, the river is frozen and so the countries are seasonally linked. It was this that inspired the design for the terminal building, which passengers will pass through when using the cable car. The journey in the cable car will take a total of seven and a half minutes.

A beautiful new, oval stadium has been designed for the LA Clippers by AECOM, taking inspiration from the net as a basketball passes through it. Almost squashed, the stylish design is part of the new The Inglewood Basketball and Entertainment Center, which aswell as a basketball stadium, will have other training facilities, offices, community spaces and shops.

Brexit jitters are being shrugged off by some investors, as an Asian investor has offered to buy a landmark property development in Southbank, worth more than £875m. The development in question includes a large WeWork co-working space aswell as the London HQ of Shell.

OMA have come through with a gorgeous new conference centre in the Chinese city of Shenzhen. Based at the feet of the city’s giants, the International Conference and Exchange Centre sits on the waterfront, with three distinct volumes to create a huge atrium in the core.

A hotel group in Georgia is helping to nurture a new generation of Georgian creative talent, as they have been heralded for their work converting brutalist Soviet-era buildings into boutique hotels.

“The importance of Adjara Group is huge,” said Tamuna Gvaberidze, a gallerist and design consultant from Georgia’s capital Tbilisi. “They created a lifestyle and provided a hub for creative people.”

Adjara Group have played a crucial role in the cultural renaissance and development of the country, and with the help of their “maverick” approaches, it has transformed Georgia into “one of the world’s hottest travel destinations and home to one of the most vibrant creative scenes.”

A new ‘rock’ hotel has been designed for Downtown LA, in which ASAP are trying to create urban geology. Downtown LA is an area of accelerating growth and development, so it provides the perfect spot for the new Spring Street Hotel. ASAP hope the instantly recognisable design will help to make the hotel a landmark in the area.

Birmingham continues to be an area of interest for developers as Hammerson has put in plans for a huge new quarter on the Martineau Galleries site. The idea is to expand Birmingham’s centre beyond just retail, as the continued slowdown in the sector is starting to hit hard. Within the new neighbourhood will be a focus more on housing, offices and creative workspaces.

As the sterling falls further, property market experts are feeling positive, due to the attractiveness of the market to foreign homebuyers, who they believe will make use of the low pound to gain a cheap deal.

Herzog & de Meuron have created a huge new vision for the west of Munich, with a reimagining of the urban space. Based around a 60s-built concrete concert hall, two new skyscrapers will be added to the site, aswell as several mixed used facilities, privately and publicly financed housing, spaces for business, social and cultural activities, and completely upgraded transportation infrastructure too.

Government pledge to end so-called “poor doors”, which are separate entrances for social housing tenants living in the same buildings as private residents, saying the desire to divide the two stigmatises those worse off.

Shipping container homes are now planned for the UK, as Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects has gained planning permission for a series of grass-topped container homes in Aylesbury. Could they soon be all over the country?

There has been a pickup in the central London property market, with sales increasing by a huge 20% on the first quarter of 2019, but it still remains 16% down on the second quarter of 2018.

A design studio has imagined a teetering pool looking over a Norwegian fjord for a boutique hotel built on Preikestolen, a steep cliff popular with tourists. Instanbul-based Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio will aim to put people hearts in their swimmers with this glass-based pool, which gives the swimmers unbelievable views.

It has emerged that 70% of young people believe the dream of owning a house is over, and Santander said its own figures suggest less than 25% of 18 to 34-year-olds will be in a position to buy a home by the year 2026.

A leading mortgage lender has come out to suggest that a rising number of older homeowners staying in properties that are too big for them is preventing younger buyers from moving up the property ladder causing the market to stagnate.

A former top secret RAF base founded as an Admiralty signals base in 1943 before being used as a research facility has now been put on the market for £3.5m. Sitting abandoned since the mid-90s, the idea was to transform it into a plush new home on the dramatic coastline.