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Brexit continues to scupper the UK housing market, as the world-famous Sagrada Familia is hit with a hefty fine in this week’s new round-up of all things property & architecture.


It has emerged that the world-famous Gaudí-designed Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has been building without a permit for 136 years, and is now required to pay 36 million euros to the Barcelona council. The money, which accounts for all the distruptions caused by the building is to be paid over the course of 10 years.


Norman Foster has suspended himself from the new Neom project in Saudi Arabia, which was formed to create a fully automated city spanning three countries with a $500bn investment. This was in response to the Saudi Arabian government’s admittance to killing dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018.


Boston make headway with their vast flood protection scheme Resilient Boston Harbour by appointing New York firm SCAPE to assist with the defences. Boston, with it’s low-lying shores, is very susceptible to flooding due to rising sea-levels and the plans consist of increasing access to Boston’s 47-mile shoreline and waterfront, while better protecting the area from flooding with infrastructure.

A selection of at-risk buildings will be raised and flood-adapted, while a series of elevated landscapes, pathways and protective parks will be constructed along the low-lying shore.

Resilient Boston Harbour - HEKKTA - Sagrada Familia

Resilient Boston Harbour – HEKKTA – Sagrada Familia


Property asking prices have been slashed on average by a huge £26,000, as the market continues to stutter.


Herzog & de Meuron have revealed new visuals of their new Gasklockan Tower in Stockholm, which will replace a 1930s gasholder. It will be the firm’s first project in Sweden.

Gasklockan Tower - HEKKTA - Sagrada Familia

Gasklockan Tower – HEKKTA – Sagrada Familia


Tenants expressing increasing worry over deposit returns from landlords being increasingly delayed. Disputes are oftent the initial cause of the delay, with the landlords using the money as leverage.


British firm Grimshaw Architects have unveiled new renderings for their LAX Airport Metro Connector, which will connect LAX to the public transport system, as the vast city looks to improve it’s alternate forms of transport such as trains, to reduce the carbon footprint of the heavily-car reliant population.

LAX AMC - HEKKTA - Sagrada Familia

LAX AMC – HEKKTA – Sagrada Familia


Markets brace for near crisis-level drop in retail property values.


Architect Angelo Renna has proposed a 90-metre sponge mountain for the city of Turin in Italy as a way of absorbing carbon emissions from the air. The soil would be taken from the excavation of a new 170-mile railway tunnel planned between the northern Italian city and Lyon, France. Research has suggested that soil taken from excavations such as these have a very high capacity for carbon capture.

Eco-friendly mountain - HEKKTA - Sagrada Familia

Eco-friendly mountain – HEKKTA – Sagrada Familia


New York architects Robert Marino and Leehong Kim complete their elegant apartment building in East Harlem featuring a beautiful pink brick facade. Click here to explore the building.


The number of homebuyers taking out mortgages has fallen by 10% in comparison to last year; more evidence of the struggling housing market.


The new Maersk Tower for the University of Copenhagen has been described as a “sculptural linchpin” for the faculty and a “visible link between the city and the North Campus” by architects CF Møller. The complex building, which houses the university’s Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, made it onto the shortlist for 2018 Dezeen Awards in the Tall building category.

Maersk Tower - HEKKTA - Sagrada Familia

Maersk Tower – HEKKTA – Sagrada Familia


Although the Brexit doom and gloom has scared some private buyers off purchasing property, property tycoons are weighing in on the cheaper prices as Singapore-listed City Developments Ltd, chaired by the billionaire businessman Kwek Leng Beng, purchase the former Stock Exchange Tower in London’s Square Mile for £385m  from the US-based private equity group Blackstone.

“The short-term uncertainties surrounding Brexit have presented us with opportunities to acquire assets with deep value,” said Frank Khoo, the group chief investment officer at CDL.