There’s a young Geordie on the music scene who is really grabbing our attention. Beaming off his recent Brits Critics’ Choice Award win, Sam Fender’s songs are not only catchy anthems, but he’s talking about different and important topics. This guy is going to go far, and HEKKTA recommends you get involved.

At the end of the year, critics offer their thoughts on what new artist is set to be a future ‘superstar’, and I think they’ve got it spot on this year. Sam Fender, 24 years of age from North Shields, is giving the indie scene something it hasn’t had in a very long time – proper quality.

Sam Fender

It may sound harsh, but the huge tidal wave that was the indie rock craze has all but vanished. Just a few rather vanilla bands that haven’t differentiated their music from anything that has come before. But Sam Fender sticks out like a sore thumb from such groups. His music is pretty simple and his tunes are very catchy, but what is impressing all that hear his music is his lyrics. He’s singing about issues that are rarely spoken about, with his stand out single Dead Boys, in which he talks about male suicide in his home town, and he does it in a way not many can.

He speaks himself about the lack of excitement in the indie scene stating, “Half the guitar bands are [rubbish], man. I think the best stuff that’s going on right now is in the hip-hop world, in the rap world, in grime and in pop. The majority of guitar bands suck. Like proper suck,” he adds.

Sam Fender

“With half of the indie bands out there I feel like it’s just a regurgitation. It’s like they’re not talking about anything.

“I think the only reason people think I’m remotely interesting is because I’m talking about something slightly different, that’s all.”

Also, his unflinching honesty about the current music climate is very refreshing indeed, calling Ed Sheeran, “beige” and also stating, “I’m never going to get up on the mic and start rapping. I’m not going to make a tit out of myself. That’s Ed Sheeran’s job.”

Amazingly he was discovered at his local pub when his future manager, Owen Davies, walked in worse for wear after celebrating the Brit award win of his artist, Ben Howard.

“My bar manager recognised him and said: ‘Get your guitar out and go and play in the corner of the room.’

“I was getting wronged (being told off) by other people for playing guitar, but then he came over and asked me if I had any originals, so I started playing him some of my stuff. And he took my number that night…”

Sam Fender’s rise has been relatively quick, gaining a good following through gigging and also landing himself a spot on the BBC Sound of 2018 last year, which propelled him towards his Brits Critics choice award.

He appears to be a genuine, honest kid from Newcastle, with something proper to say. Gritty, honest, refreshing; HEKKTA thinks that Sam Fender is going to go all the way to the top.

Sam Fender