The Great British Food Debate

Milk before tea? Jam before cream? These are two food debates that for years have divided the British public. So is one way right? Have you been making your tea wrong your whole life? HEKKTA gets to the bottom of the Great British food debate.


We are not ashamed to say that we are quite particular when it comes to our cuppa. There are so many areas to go so very wrong. Like the length of brewing time, or how much milk you put in, or what kind of tea bag you use. Yorkshire Tea, PG Tips or do you splash out on the Twinings? The kind of tea bag you prefer is entirely your opinion (Twinings is definitely the best tho). However, milk before the tea is a catagoric no. How are you supposed to see how much milk you need if you put the tea in last? It is the cardinal sin of tea making. Scientists have also backed this up stating that black tea requires boiling water to infuse properly.

Another tea making sin is the double dip. One tea bag for two cups. One will just taste like dishwater, and considering how much a single tea bag will cost you, HEKKTA reckons you can stretch to one tea bag to each cuppa.

So we’re going to let you in on how to make a cracking cuppa every time.

First, you have to put the tea bag in, pour in the boiling water and then just let it brew for a little while. Doesn’t have to be for ages, but give it at least a minute or two. Then you pop the tea bag in the bin add your milk to a nice golden colour, not a milky white. Easy. The anxiety of making someone else a cup of tea can be overwhelming at times, but if you avoid the cardinal sins of making a brew, you should be fine.

Cracking colour of a cuppa - The Great British Food Debate

Cracking colour of a cuppa – The Great British Food Debate


Cream before jam or jam before cream? Well if you’re from Cornwall, you would never even consider of putting the cream on first and they take it very personally if you decide to do so. After an advert was shown in Cornwall on Mother’s Day showing a scone with the cream on first, a whole campaign broke out in Cornwall called #JamFirst, with people demonising the Devon way of having your scones.

So how do we like them? Well instinctively, we would put the cream on first as it is a thicker texture to the jam, making it easier to spread on top. We’ll just make sure to do it quietly when around any people from Cornwall…


Around the UK, you get several regional varieties on a classic fry-up. In Scotland they might throw on a tattie scone, a potato bread or a lorne sausage (a square sausage). In Northern Ireland you might see a few soda farls chucked on your plate, but your standard fry-up must have eggs (any way you like), sausages, bacon, beans, hash browns, tomatoes and a black pudding. We like to see a few mushrooms chucked on the plate, but it’s not essential in our view.

There is nothing worse than getting your full english to nurse your ill health after a heavy night and seeing a half-sized inadequacy. One sausage, one rasher and no hash brown. Just ghastly. If you see a full english with avocado on the plate, get out of there.

If a plate such as the one below was placed before us, we would be one happy HEKKTA.

A proper fry-up - The Great British Food Debate

A proper fry-up – The Great British Food Debate

So this is our take on the Great British food debate, and the great thing about the constant squabbles over how we like our tea or our breakfast is that it will provide Brits with something to argue about until the end of time. But at the end of the day, there is no wrong and right, it’s all merely opinion.

However if you put the milk in first, you are wrong. You’re just wrong.