The Return of The Gallagher Brothers

As if by some sort of coincidence, the Gallagher brothers have both returned to the forefront of music over the past few months. Don’t get us wrong, it’s great having the brutally honest duo back up to their old tricks. But it got us thinking, is this long-standing feud really as real as they say it is? Years away and then they both show up with number 1 albums within a month of each other? Perhaps the lads from Manchester are playing us all…

Before we ask whether we’re all being played for mugs, let’s just say that it is fantastic to have them back. Particularly Liam as this is his first solo album ever. Ever! Seems crazy when you think how long he’s been in the game. He has had success outside Oasis with copycat band Beady Eye but nothing close to what Noel managed to achieve. Part of me thinks it took so long because he almost knew he couldn’t match up to his older brother in terms of songwriting. But I must say, his first effort was a bloody good one at that. It went straight to number 1 and managed to outsell the rest of the top 20 at the time combined. Not bad eh our kid? We gave it a listen and it’s tracks like Wall of Glass that has got people calling this record a “modern day classic”. 

As You Were - Liam Gallagher

As You Were – Liam Gallagher

Having Liam back in the media with his brash, brutal but spot on comments has been giving us many a giggle. Just type in Liam Gallagher funny moments into Youtube and it will have you splitting your sides, or give his interview with Greg James on BBC Radio 1 a watch. It will have you doing the same.

Whilst Liam has been almost theatrical in his return, soaking up the adulation you can see he craves, his brother has been a little quieter upon returning. You can tell he is trying to keep his return more focused on the album rather than the surrounding noise as was the case back in the days of Oasis. His experimental sound in his new album Who Built The Moon? has split fans – we’re still on the fence.

But music aside, the two brothers cannot help but wind each other up. It’s the classic sibling affection we all know so well. The two have traded media blows with Liam taking the mickey out of Noel’s scissor player in his band and Noel equally winding him up on the Graham Norton show claiming Liam’s obssessed with him. If they truly hated each other like they claim they do, they wouldn’t be constantly pestering and poking each other. They wouldn’t want to say anything about the other.

HEKKTA doesn’t believe this deep-seated hatred whatsoever. Having watched Supersonic, a documentary movie about the meteoric rise of Oasis, you see how close the brothers were. They fought like cats and dogs but they would always come back after. They keep the feud going because they know they need each other, the media have always been in love with them and they have always known how to harness the media frenzy about their antics and translate it into huge hype for their albums and live shows. Now is no different.

We believe that these two are playing a game and in a few years that big Glastonbury announcement will come…Oasis to reform and play live for the first time in 15 years! The fastest selling tickets around the globe and crowds as huge and as mad as the ones that went to their infamous gigs all those years ago.

Well we can only hope…come on boys, the games up! Give us a show!

Oasis at Knebworth - The Gallagher Brothers

Oasis at Knebworth – The Gallagher Brothers