HEKKTA’s Property Portal – House Lessans

The annual RIBA House of the Year has a 2019 winner in House Lessans, while several projects are announced and completed in New York this week. Read on to catch up with all the latest news in the world of property & architecture. _____________________________________________________________________________ This year's winner of the prestigious RIBA House of the Year [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Galleries

We look closer at some activity surrounding the famous galleries of this world, including the news that we will have no national Portait Gallery for three years, and Paris leapfrogs London as the place to invest in property. Find out more of the week's news stories, right here in HEKKTA's Property Portal. ___________________________________________________________________________ The world [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – The Big Apple

It's all the action occurring in The Big Apple that is grabbing our attention this week, as the Brexit durge rolls on... Read on to find out the week's most important news stories concerning property & architecture. ____________________________________________________________________________ The sky has never been the limit for architects in New York, and this new skyscraper from [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Can of Ham

The latest project in the City of London has been completed, the oval-shaped Can of Ham, and Philadelphia's tallest building opens it's doors. All in this week's Property Portal. Courtesy of HEKKTA. __________________________________________________________________________ The latest skyscraper to hit the City of London has been completed; the Can of Ham stands on the same street as [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Mission Rock

The San Francisco waterfront is set for a huge make-over, as the Mission Rock development is announced, and several major London projects have been given the go-ahead, with the capital showing real resilience in an uncertain times. Read on to find out this week's biggest news stories concerning property & architecture. ____________________________________________________________________________ A huge new [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – London Bankside

Developers are showing real faith in London's commercial property sector, as the new London Bankside development gets the go-ahead, aswell as significant progress in the 'Gotham City' office development. Find out more inside HEKKTA's Property Portal. _______________________________________________________________________________ The new London Bankside project along the River Thames has been given the go-ahead, as luxury property developer [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – BANKSY

A host of global architecture firms announce new projects in a week where Banksy caused a stir in the capital. Read on to find out more. __________________________________________________________________________ Banksy's art and it's random, spontaneous nature has come to the capital in a completely new form. Opening up a pop-up installation in Croydon, the infamous artist in [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Manhattan

It's Manhattan that is dominating the headlines this week, so we take a look into what is going on in the Big Apple, aswell as covering all the other relevant and interesting news stories we think you'll want to know about. _________________________________________________________________________ The tallest ever residential tower has just topped out in Manhattan, standing at [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Climate Action

Climate change remains at the forefront of conversation in architecture, as huge strikes take place all over the world. AIA have put their foot forward, and the UK government announce major new renewable energy projects. Could the tides be starting to turn? Read on to find out more. ____________________________________________________________________________ Hundreds of designers and architects took [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Battersea Power Station

The huge Battersea Power Station development is pushing on, as it secures new finance, and Kengo Kuma believes he may have a new material that can cope with earthquakes! Read on to find out more on this week's news stories. __________________________________________________________________________ Phase 3 of the Battersea Power Station development is set to get underway, as [...]

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