Architecture & The Olympics

So many brilliant sporting moments have occurred at the Olympics. Usain Bolt's triple triple at the Rio Olympics last year, the Super Saturday at London 2012 and Jesse Owens' incredible stand against racism with his four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. But all these amazing moments were made more powerful by the venue [...]

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Nara Dreamland Captured by Photographer Romain Veillon

Photographer Romain Veillon has captured Nara Dreamland, an abandoned theme park in Japan, in these eerie pictures of the once popular destination. His photos highlight how nature has taken over the park with weeds growing through the concrete and huge bushes engulfing the large rollercoasters. Veillon managed to get these extraordinary pictures before the park [...]

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Designing An Album

Design and music have long gone hand in hand. The album artwork is the first thing anyone will see, and if you get it right, it can really transform the music. Inspired by some interestingly designed covers by Tycho, a musician/designer, we decided to collate some of our favourite album covers of all time and [...]

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Makeshift Architecture of The Riverbed

Photographer Ben Murphy has produced an amazing project entitled the Riverbed, in which he captured the dwellings of people who shunned the city life of the modern world. They chose instead to create very minimal but fascinating homes out of relatively basic materials using old caravans or making wooden huts on the side of riverbeds [...]

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Dulcis Domus by Mirna Pavlovic – The Facade of Wealth

Once home to the richest and most affluent people in Europe, now merely derelict mansions with no occupants in sight; this astonishing project by Croatian photographer Mirna Pavlovic highlights the scars of the political and social upheaval of the 18th & 19th century and is a stark reminder how fragile societies really are. The social [...]

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A Smog Eating Skyscraper by Arconic

Arconic, a materials science company, have released plans for a 3 mile high skyscraper, which eats smog. As unfeasible as this sounds, the technology has either already been made or is close to being finished. If completed, this really would be a massive step forward in environmental-conscious design and we are very excited about it. [...]

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Food For Power

Photographer Dan Bannino has created a brilliant project on the food that those in power like to enjoy. An almost satirical take on these figures' eating habits, he has created a project which is really unique and we love it. A bit quirky, a bit random but what it provokes the most is that these [...]

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Bond Architecture

We all know the classic James Bond traditions. The fast cars, the almost comical gadgets, expensive suits and classy girls with suggestive names. But brilliant architecture has always been a staple feature in the Bond films. From stylish houses to breathtaking cities, Bond has certainly got about. Having visited around 40 countries over the franchise's [...]

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Pink House on the Hill by Moon Hoon

Moon Hoon have completed what could be the most daring holiday villa we've seen for a while. The walls pink from top to toe, the Miryang Pool Villa is quite an architectural feat and with winter dragging on, seeming as if it will never end, perhaps this pink pad is the perfect retreat. The house [...]

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