Hyperloop Set To Revolutionise Freight Transport

Foster + Partners, in association with DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One, have unveiled their vision for the future of freight transport. Using the new hyperloop technology, they will incorporate the high-speed autonomous vehicles into ports across the world, enabling the shipping of goods to travel at the speed of flight for the cost of [...]

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Could This Discovery Mean The End of Plastic Pollution?

Last week researchers from Portsmouth University may have found the answer to the plastic pollution crisis facing our planet, after they accidentally created a plastic-eating enzyme. Could this breakthrough mean we start winning the fight against plastic? The breakthrough came when researchers were attempting to alter a naturally occuring bacteria discovered in a Japanese recycling [...]

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World Press Photo Contest 2018

The winners of this year's World Press Photo Contest have been announced and the victorious shots are simply stunning. A picture can so often say a million words and that is certainly true with these incredible but equally heartbreaking shots. We are quite taken aback with these pictures, not only because of the story that [...]

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The success of Hollywood blockbuster Black Panther has shone a light onto African design and architecture in a movement called Afrofuturism. It combines traditional African culture and with more contemporary themes like technology and science fiction, changing the world's perception of Africa as a force in design and fashion. African designers expressed their delight at [...]

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AHEAD Hospitality Awards 2018 – Asia

The AHEAD Awards are back and this time, we're in Asia. All the best hotels built between October 2016 and September 2017 will be judged over a variety of different categories, and as a continent renowned for it's impeccable hospitality, the competition was certainly tight. However the Asian hotel of the year was not what [...]

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The Making of Wes Anderson’s New Film Isle of Dogs

Shot in Three Mills Studios in East London, Wes Anderson's new film Isle of Dogs brings metabolist architecture to the big screen, showcasing the works of Kengo Tanze in a furry dystopian future. HEKKTA got a little excited when we heard there was a new old-school animation film hitting the big screen, and even more [...]

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2018 World Cup Kits

The 2018 Football World Cup in Russia is nearly upon us. The first reminder that the tournament is just around the corner is the unveiling of each team's kits and we must say, at first glance, there are some absolute storming strips this year. As football fans around the world are gearing up for another [...]

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Twin Palms – Frank Sinatra’s Mecca

Architect E Stewart Williams created one of the iconic modernist houses of Palm Springs for music legend Frank Sinatra. It became his home for many years to come and to mark California city's Modernism Week, HEKKTA takes a tour around the famous Twin Palms. Funny to think that Frank Sinatra initially requested a grand Georgian [...]

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