Heatherwick’s Coal Drops Yard

HEKKTA takes a look at Heatherwick's stunning new project in London's King's Cross - Coal Drops Yard. In classic Heatherwick style, he has managed to produce stunning beauty out of a conundrum. For Thomas Heatherwick, King's Cross is home. Having his studio there for the last 17 years, he has grown to know the area [...]

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Manchester United Tackling Plastic

Manchester United have revealed their new third kit, which is made purely from plastic taken from the ocean. Not only does the kit look great, but it raises awareness and elevates the prominence of the huge issue that is plastic pollution in our seas. Here at HEKKTA, we are conscious of the environmental issues that [...]

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Open House London

If you find yourself with a couple of spare hours this weekend, HEKKTA suggests you check out Open House London. Between the 22-23rd, London's finest buildings and houses open their doors to the public. With 800 homes opening their doors, you can explore all the weird and wonderful designs of London houses. Out of the [...]

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Are Windows In Planes On Their Way Out?

A debate was sparked online after Emirates chief outlined his argument for aeroplanes without real windows. Could we be living in the last few years of a real view out of your window, or this is simply an unrealistic vision? HEKKTA investigates. A windowless plane? Could you think of anything more claustrophobic? Well that is [...]

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The Architecture Inside The Secretive Land of North Korea

In an exclusive visit to the most guarded nation in the world, North Korea, Oliver Wainwright was able to take a glimpse of the alien land with his own eyes. In his book Pastel Dreams, he documents the architecture of North Korea, noting whilst it's easy to be charmed by the "lavish wonder-worlds of marble and [...]

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London Festival of Architecture 2018

The London Festival of Architecture has returned, and the month long celebration of all things do with architecture follows the theme of identity this year. London's annual festival is now the biggest in Europe, hosting 400 events, talks, walks, open studios, films and installations. So HEKKTA pick out a few key features in this year's [...]

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Your Future Home – A Shipping Container?

As the world population grows and the world's resources continue to deplete, architects are having to reimagine how people can exist - and they are turning to the humble shipping container. HEKKTA investigates if this growing trend is just smart design, or whether shipping containers can be a viable solution. You might be thinking - [...]

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Hyperloop Set To Revolutionise Freight Transport

Foster + Partners, in association with DP World and Virgin Hyperloop One, have unveiled their vision for the future of freight transport. Using the new hyperloop technology, they will incorporate the high-speed autonomous vehicles into ports across the world, enabling the shipping of goods to travel at the speed of flight for the cost of [...]

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