Frame House / Menorca

As sun shines over Britain, we've all turned our hopeful heads to the summer. Shorts on, shades are out, and search buttons for sun have been increased tapped - and Nomo Studio have made the perfect summer getaway on the unique island of Menorca. Not too many people know all that much about the isle [...]

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Karl Lagerfeld – A True Creative

On Monday morning, the world lost a true icon of the fashion world - Karl Lagerfeld. Although many of us are not in tune with fashion culture, Lagerfeld's influence spread far beyond just the needle and thread. A pioneer and a giant in design, Karl Lagerfeld was the truest of creatives. Speaking of how he [...]

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Junya Ishigami – Serpentine Pavilion 2019

Japanese architect Junya Ishigami has been announced as the designer for this year's Serpentine Pavilion. So HEKKTA takes a closer look at this mysterious architect's most revered works, picking out six of our favourites. Each year, the Serpentine Gallery in London commissions a pavilion to be built on it's grounds, choosing a leading architect to [...]

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BMW + North Face Create a Futurelight Winter Solution

The North Face have been protecting us folk from the frosty bite of the winter months for over 50 years; and now they are looking to shelter us from the cold too! Teaming up with BMW, they have created a Futurelight camper using "the world's most advanced" material to shelter people in the harshest of [...]

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L’Art du Ski

Some of you lucky sods will have had the joys of skiing this winter, whether it be on the slopes of France, Switzerland or Austria. The hot sun beating down on the mountains as you dash past the terrified first-timers doing pizza plough, wobbling precariously on their limbs. But what was it like to ski [...]

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HEKKTA’s Hot Projects of 2019

Ah yes. Another year done and dusted in the world of property, design & architecture; but what does 2019 have in store? We take a look at the five projects we are most excited to see completed in the new year. _______________________________________________________________________ Kistefos Museum Bjarke Ingels and the BIG architecture company have long been known [...]

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One Hundred East Fifty Third – A Tour Inside Luxury

HEKKTA takes a walking tour inside Foster + Partners' new skinny skyscraper in the towering metropolis of New York. Luxury on luxury, this insight into premier New York real estate is sure to leave you ridden with envy. Ah, New York. The bright, dazzling lights and the incessant hustle and bustle of the city is [...]

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The Big Arse Toilet

Architecture firm Spark have launched their new Big Arse Toilet, to coincide with World Toilet day, that are able to generate electricity from human waste to provide power to remote Indian villages and also help with the rising issue of sanitation within the region. The architecture firm created the toilet in order to help the [...]

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Could Photovoltaic Solar Facades Be The Future?

A new photovoltaic hybrid material has been developed which would allow the entire surface area of of buildings to capture and convert solar energy, and HEKKTA believes that very soon it will be everywhere. Weighing less than five percent of your average solar panel, this new material is making big leaps in green energy development. [...]

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