The Planets / Method Behind The Magic

In the new BBC series The Planets, trusty Professor Cox takes us on a planet-to-planet tour of our Solar System, mapping out the drastic events that have shaped our worlds over billions of years. But how exactly do you go about making such a complicated show from concept to creation? HEKKTA delves deeper to find [...]

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Coca-Cola Gets Boozy

Coca-Cola roll back the years, reintroducing the first ever Coke bottle design for their new range of premium spirit mixers. With the huge rise of brands such as Fevertree, who specialise in mixers for alcohol, it was only a matter of time before the big boys produced something of their own. Coca-Cola have announced a [...]

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Lost in LA / Stephen Shore

World renowned photographer Stephen Shore has been named as the 2019 Master of Photography by Photo London, credited for sparking a 'new interest in colour photography and in the use of the view camera for documentary work.' One of his most distinctive projects was his 1969 collection Los Angeles, where he roamed the streets of LA, [...]

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I.M. Pei – Remembering The Architect Who Pulled Us Into Modernity

Modernist architect I.M. Pei, the man behind the iconic Louvre Museum extension made infamous for his gravity-defying designs, has passed away at the age of 102. HEKKTA looks back on the life and works of the Pritzker Prize-winning architect. Pei started life in Guangzhou, China, but moved to the US to study architecture, attending an [...]

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Street Tree Pods – London’s Housing Solution?

The battle to tackle climate change and house our rising population are two huge challenges we face today. Could Matthew Chamberlain have come up with the perfect solution in the Street Tree Pods? Matthew Chamberlain has come up with a concept to tackle London's housing crisis by building a network of residences in the trees. [...]

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Hundreds of buildings, thousands of windows, millions of people; and plenty of laundry. Wolf has an ability to make the architecture of megacities sing with his photography. Seeing beauty and humour where others might not, HEKKTA urges you to explore the works of Michael Wolf. Wolf first stumbled upon the colossal metropolis of Hong Kong [...]


Greenwich Peninsula’s New Design District

London is set for a new Design District. Aiming to create a hub of creativity, the capital is following suit in a recent trend of architects designing small communities looking to harvest young, creative potentials. Plopped just next to London's iconic O2 Arena, the new Design District in the Greenwich Peninsula was the brainchild of [...]

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Under / Snøhetta

Europe's first underwater restaurant, named Under, has been completed by architecture firm Snøhetta, on the southern coast of Norway. Aiming to present the absolute best of marine life, this elegant half restaurant, half aquarium offers diners an experience like no else. As if a thin rock has just slid into the water, the design of [...]

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Frame House / Menorca

As sun shines over Britain, we've all turned our hopeful heads to the summer. Shorts on, shades are out, and search buttons for sun have been increased tapped - and Nomo Studio have made the perfect summer getaway on the unique island of Menorca. Not too many people know all that much about the isle [...]

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