Bizarre drawings by Bureau Spectacular turned to life.

Hekkta loved jigsaws and Lego when we were younger. The satisfying feeling of everything slotting into place perfectly to create something was a highlight of our childhood, so when we saw that the Architecture studio Bureau Spectacular had turned its drawings of bizarre buildings into models for an exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Led by [...]

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Bus Stop Photography

After just returning from a trip to Birmingham, we were delighted to see this collection of bus stop shots by native photographer Stephen Calcutt, but in a slightly different style. Calcutt perfectly captures the essence of bus stops, that we all know so well, by using the scratched and vandalised windows as his lens. Calcutt's [...]

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NFL Stadium Food

With NFL Super Bowl LI fast approaching, what will all the ravenous football fans be chomping on during the four hour long event? It would come as no surprise that there will be meat and a lot of it. There will be cheese and a lot of that too. Burgers, fries, nachos, chicken, waffle fries. [...]

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California Dreaming

Christmas has gone and the Monday that is nicknamed the "saddest day of the year" has just passed. Summer seems further away than ever as the rain spits down onto the cold streets, so we started dreaming. HEKKTA loves a good skateboard, so when we stumbled upon these fantastic shots of skaters in 1970s California, [...]

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Obama – A Different Sort Of President

On the 20th January 2017, Obama will vacate the White House for the president-elect Donald Trump. While many are quick to despair and dread what terrible things the new occupant may get up to, here at HEKKTA we think it is important to accentuate the positive. Obama has been a brilliant President. An iconic force [...]

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Goodbye 2016

Goodness. 2016. What a year. One year ago when the digit changed from a 5 to a 6, I doubt many of us thought that 2016 would produce as many upsets, as many losses and as many shocks. But alas, despite the cloud of Brexit and Trump looming over all of us, time continues to [...]

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Industrial Scars by J. Henry Fair

Environmental artist J. Henry Fair has produced a series of staggering photos in his latest book Industrial Scars - The Hidden Costs of Consumption. The photos are marvellous and capture some amazing landscapes in beautiful colours and shapes, but the real meaning behind the photos is rather more sinister. Fair highlights how our consumption is [...]

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