Going Underground

Mike Goldwater publishes his stunning photos documenting the London Underground, taken over the course of the decade, showing us how the heartbeat of London has changed, and yet, barely changed at all. Below the bustling city of London, below all the shuffling feet, buzzing buses and careering cabs, lies the pounding heart of our metropolis. [...]

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Bangkok Phosphurs // Cody Ellingham

Cody Ellingham's latest project Bangkok Phosphurs shines a blue hue over the city's ancient heritage, quitening down the noise which engulfs the bustling capital. Previously covering his work on Shanghai Streets, we are certainly huge fans of his work, and Cody Ellingham is back with a new venture. After reading the 1970 novel The Temple [...]

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Evolution of ‘The Great Wave’ / Katsushika Hokusai

HEKKTA delves deeper into the evolution of Japanese artist Hokusai, and his most celebrated piece, 'The Great Wave'. The level of detail drawn, and time taken to create this piece is a fascinating eye opener into the mind of an artist, and how age and experience can bring the answer. Katsushika Hokusai was around 72 [...]

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Exploring and crafting out the surreal, Alex Lysakowski's 'antistructures' serves to play tricks on your mind, creating absurd architecture in the otherwise mundane. Stretched out minivans, surreal towers and twisting hotels; this project serves to challenge your concept of reality and the imagined. Roaming around southern Ontario, you can see how his imagination has run [...]


HEKKTA REVIEWS // Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Stylish, funny, and slightly confusing...Tarantino's 9th installment Once Upon A Time In Hollywood has arrived! A love letter to the hey-day of Hollywood, the film oozes glamour, and what it may lack in a solid plotline, it makes up for in a brilliant script. You may not leave the cinema ranking it in any top [...]

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Long Live Southbank

After years of campaigning against the threat of closure, the skateboarding landmark on the edge of the Thames has reopened, representing a win for culture in our capital. With the backdrop of disappearing pubs and clubs, the heart of Southbank beats on! In 2013, the brutalist landmark The Southbank Undercroft was under a real threat [...]

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Shanghai Streets

With each year that goes by, more and more of Shanghai's historic Shikumen houses are being torn down. Pivotal to the city in the 20th century, but with the dawn of the megacity, the houses have been reduced to the shadows. Keen to keep the legacy of the Shikumen houses alive, Cody Ellingham went to [...]

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