Earth From Space

Spirals, cracks and bursting colours; our planet really does paint the perfect picture from space. Images from the new program Earth from Space showcase the stunning beauty of our planet, but also highlight how fast it is changing. The documentary series aims to widen people's vision of how they see the world, seen from above [...]

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HEKKTA LISTENS – When I Wake Up / Maverick Sabre

A trip back to the drawing board has yielded possibly Maverick Sabre's best work yet. Beautifully crafted but with a true honest edge; this DIY album is saying what he truly wants to say, and you can really hear it. After the release of his first studio album, Lonely Are The Brave, in 2012, Maverick [...]

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Sushi Singularity – Bespoke 3D Printed Sushi

Have you ever wanted to squeeze your DNA into a pipette for the chef in a restaurant? Well now you can! With Sushi Singularity, you can eat the food you've always wanted...genetically engineered and made out of a printer! It might seem like fiction, or something out of Black Mirror, but this is in fact [...]

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HOOPS // Bill Bamberger

Bill Bambeger shows us the world through the perspective of basketball hoops in his playful project which highlights the universality of sport. Wanting to prove that anywhere can be transformed into a basketball space, the project gives us a unique peek into the heart of communities from all around the world. Fancy yourself at basketball? [...]

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Ethan Russell – An Eye Behind The Glamour

Not many of us would have been lucky enough to witness the swinging 60s and the era of rock'n'roll first hand; instead relying on videos, films and pictures to tell the tale. Well Ethan Russell was the storyteller. Capturing some of the defining moments in rock's history, his infamous pictures help us to dream of [...]

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HEKKTA’s 2019 Guinness Six Nations Preview

It's back. The best European tournament in the world, maybe the best tournament full stop! When the 2019 Guinness Six Nations comes around each year during the bleak, dark and dry months of the year, it really is a ray of light, and with the World Cup just around the corner, the 2019 Six Nations [...]

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The annual BBC prediction of music's future stars has been unveiled, and there are several reasons for you to start getting excited about some new material coming your way in 2019. OCTAVIAN The winner this year is 23 year old rapper Octavian. His profile blew up when Drake filmed himself singing his first hit song [...]

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