Ethan Russell – An Eye Behind The Glamour

Not many of us would have been lucky enough to witness the swinging 60s and the era of rock'n'roll first hand; instead relying on videos, films and pictures to tell the tale. Well Ethan Russell was the storyteller. Capturing some of the defining moments in rock's history, his infamous pictures help us to dream of [...]

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HEKKTA’s 2019 Guinness Six Nations Preview

It's back. The best European tournament in the world, maybe the best tournament full stop! When the 2019 Guinness Six Nations comes around each year during the bleak, dark and dry months of the year, it really is a ray of light, and with the World Cup just around the corner, the 2019 Six Nations [...]

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The annual BBC prediction of music's future stars has been unveiled, and there are several reasons for you to start getting excited about some new material coming your way in 2019. OCTAVIAN The winner this year is 23 year old rapper Octavian. His profile blew up when Drake filmed himself singing his first hit song [...]

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HEKKTA Reviews – The Favourite

Hilarious, weird and unique; HEKKTA has not seen a film quite like The Favourite. The entire movie is carried by the fantastic performances of the three main leads, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone, whose bawdy portrayal of the period will leave you unsettled and in stiches in equal measure. Whilst the characters and storylines [...]

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There's a young Geordie on the music scene who is really grabbing our attention. Beaming off his recent Brits Critics' Choice Award win, Sam Fender's songs are not only catchy anthems, but he's talking about different and important topics. This guy is going to go far, and HEKKTA recommends you get involved. At the end [...]

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Travel Back In Time

Feeling nostalgic, HEKKTA travels back in time to London in 1937, where these amazingly insightful pictures give us a glimpse into life in our capital 80 years ago. With many differences, but also many similarities, we've certainly come a long way since the days of the 1930s. Travel Back In Time It appears [...]

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Lewes Bonfire Night – A Fiery Spectacle

Last Monday, HEKKTA decided to do something a little different for Guy Fawkes night than the usual damp squib of an extortionate fireworks display. On mass, HEKKTA went to Lewes to be spectator to one of the biggest bonfire events in the world. With an average of 80,000 people attending the spectacle in a town [...]

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Bologna – The City Where You Get a Free Beer For a Bike Ride

Imagine a place where you get free beer for riding your bike - no frills or faffage, just a simple exhange. Well thanks to The Bella Mossa, that's exactly what the Italian city of Bologna is doing. La Bella Mossa is a new government funded scheme in the northern Italian city of Bologna, which rewards [...]

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Bus Stop Photography

After just returning from a trip to Birmingham, we were delighted to see this collection of bus stop shots by native photographer Stephen Calcutt, but in a slightly different style. Calcutt perfectly captures the essence of bus stops, that we all know so well, by using the scratched and vandalised windows as his lens. Calcutt's [...]

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