LUNAZ / Recharging The Classics

Lunaz are electrifying the classic cars of the past, and bringing them back to the future. As our climate awareness increases, and stricter and stricter controls are placed on our emissions, perhaps Lunaz has thought of the perfect way to keep the beautiful classic cars alive. A small British start-up company operating out of the [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – House Lessans

The annual RIBA House of the Year has a 2019 winner in House Lessans, while several projects are announced and completed in New York this week. Read on to catch up with all the latest news in the world of property & architecture. _____________________________________________________________________________ This year's winner of the prestigious RIBA House of the Year [...]

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Going Underground

Mike Goldwater publishes his stunning photos documenting the London Underground, taken over the course of the decade, showing us how the heartbeat of London has changed, and yet, barely changed at all. Below the bustling city of London, below all the shuffling feet, buzzing buses and careering cabs, lies the pounding heart of our metropolis. [...]

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Day-VII Architecture

In their book Day-VII Architecture A Catalogue of Polish Churches post 1945, Kuba Snopek, alongside Izabela Cichonska and Karolina Popera, document 100 churches from the communist era in Poland, unveiling a brand of architecture unlinke anything we've seen before. And there are several reasons for this. When the Iron Curtain drew a line in the sand [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Galleries

We look closer at some activity surrounding the famous galleries of this world, including the news that we will have no national Portait Gallery for three years, and Paris leapfrogs London as the place to invest in property. Find out more of the week's news stories, right here in HEKKTA's Property Portal. ___________________________________________________________________________ The world [...]

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The Secret Codes of the Movie Poster

Slight spoiler alert; we may be about to ruin every movie poster that you've ever seen. In the modern era of filmmaking, promotion and advertisement of the movie itself is paramount. With millions, even billions of dollars being ploughed into the production, they have to make sure that bums actually hit the seats to watch [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – The Big Apple

It's all the action occurring in The Big Apple that is grabbing our attention this week, as the Brexit durge rolls on... Read on to find out the week's most important news stories concerning property & architecture. ____________________________________________________________________________ The sky has never been the limit for architects in New York, and this new skyscraper from [...]

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HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Can of Ham

The latest project in the City of London has been completed, the oval-shaped Can of Ham, and Philadelphia's tallest building opens it's doors. All in this week's Property Portal. Courtesy of HEKKTA. __________________________________________________________________________ The latest skyscraper to hit the City of London has been completed; the Can of Ham stands on the same street as [...]

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Bangkok Phosphurs // Cody Ellingham

Cody Ellingham's latest project Bangkok Phosphurs shines a blue hue over the city's ancient heritage, quitening down the noise which engulfs the bustling capital. Previously covering his work on Shanghai Streets, we are certainly huge fans of his work, and Cody Ellingham is back with a new venture. After reading the 1970 novel The Temple [...]

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Mexico City Modernism

To celebrate the start of Design Week, several celebrated architects hailing from Mexico City have teamed up to showcase the best of their modern, local design, transforming a dilapidated 1940s villa into a mecca of Mexican imagination. HEKKTA takes a deeper look behind the scenes at Design Week Mexico. Over 20 different local artists, architects [...]

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