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Wimbledon Through The Years

As Djokovic won his 5th Wimbledon title in a five-set epic beating Federer in the longest ever Wimbledon singles final, HEKKTA get nostalgic. Rolling back the years, these shots show how the Championships have transformed over time. Through the lens of sports photojournalism legend Gerry Cranham, we are transported back to a time when a [...]

Wimbledon Through The Years 2019-07-16T06:51:40+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Building Better?

This week in the world of property and architecture, this first report from the new UK housing commission Building Better, Building Beautiful was unveiled, aswell as London's new linear park The Tide opening to the public, with mixed reviews... The new UK housing commission Building Better, Building Beautiful has published it's first report outlining a [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Building Better? 2019-07-15T11:09:03+00:00


After a chance meeting in a library in Barcelona, a collection of true gems were uncovered from the primative years of punk. A tempting glimpse into the music genre that took grip of the world's youth, right from behind closed doors. The photo collection was taken by legendary punk journalist Philomena "Philly" Winstanley. Alongside her [...]

FIRST YEARS OF PUNK 2019-07-12T07:31:57+00:00

Locals v Tourists

In a series of visually amazing maps, Eric Fisher highlights the difference between the tourist and the local in some of the world's most iconic cities, using data from thousands of pictures and posts on social media. The battle between the tourist and the local has always been a long and intriguing one. From the [...]

Locals v Tourists 2019-07-10T08:19:00+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is set for a little expansion of it's own, and several new big projects have been unveiled across the globe in this week's round-up of all the latest property and architecture headlines. Gatwick has got the go-ahead for a £150m upgrade to the railway station allowing for far quicker transfers in and out [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Gatwick Airport 2019-07-08T16:42:34+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – IKEA

All the week's biggest headlines in the world of architecture & property summed up in a neat, little package. Created by HEKKTA. It has emerged that IKEA are moving their low-cost modular housing units to the UK, with a deal being made with Worthing council. The units are pre-fabricated structures, which are all furnished with [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – IKEA 2019-07-01T15:36:57+00:00

Glastonbury 1989

The year is 1989 and Glastonbury is just 19 years young. Free spirited punters from all over are flocking to Worthy Farm to watch Elvis Costello and Van Morrison grace the Pyramid Stage; and oh how different it was. As the world's biggest music festival thrives in the beating sun this weekend, HEKKTA rolls back [...]

Glastonbury 1989 2019-06-30T16:14:26+00:00

The Planets / Method Behind The Magic

In the new BBC series The Planets, trusty Professor Cox takes us on a planet-to-planet tour of our Solar System, mapping out the drastic events that have shaped our worlds over billions of years. But how exactly do you go about making such a complicated show from concept to creation? HEKKTA delves deeper to find [...]

The Planets / Method Behind The Magic 2019-06-26T08:02:58+00:00

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Serpentine Pavilion 2019

Big headlines this week is the completion of the 2019 Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington, and other global architectural projects make headway. Read on to find out more. Junya Ishigami has completed this year's Serpentine Pavilion, with his vision of a rugged, rocky canopy made out of 61 tonnes of Cumbrian slate. A 'forest' of rock, [...]

HEKKTA’s Property Portal – Serpentine Pavilion 2019 2019-06-24T15:09:08+00:00

Cutting Through London

A new project dubbed Cutaway London has exposed the inner workings of some of London's most famous landmarks in a series of cross-section pictures, highlighting that the architecture within a building is just as intricate and exciting as the silhouette on the skyline. The project was created by Neomam Studios, a creative content studio, who [...]

Cutting Through London 2019-06-19T10:49:35+00:00