Exploring and crafting out the surreal, Alex Lysakowski‘s ‘antistructures’ serves to play tricks on your mind, creating absurd architecture in the otherwise mundane.

Stretched out minivans, surreal towers and twisting hotels; this project serves to challenge your concept of reality and the imagined.

Roaming around southern Ontario, you can see how his imagination has run wild. Manipulating his environment to create shapeshifting surroundings, Lysakowski achieves all these digital manipulations in the post production, but at first glance you really wouldn’t guess it.

Perhaps it is the inital normality of the pictures that leaves you pondering if these buildings really exist!

Transforming the mundane around him, he creates iconic pieces of architecture and monument-like structures, reminiscent of a fictional land.

With his father working in chemical engineering, his love for hefty industrial buildings was clearly sparked, but keen to portray another side to the often underloved structures, his photography breathes a new lease of fun and intrigue into them.

In an almost ironic and comedic style, the challenge between what you see and what you know to be real leaves us with one overriding emotion…

Why didn’t they actually build them like this?


Imagine the interior of the tetris like hotel, or trying to climb to the top of the tallest minivan known to man; an interesting proposition for sure.

As if part of a video game, the photos allow your mind to imagine the more extreme possibilities of architecture, and how far you can really push creativity as a constrast to a rather unremarkable environment.


“‘antistructure’ is a body of work that focuses on exaggerated architectural forms within banal spaces”


Alex Lysakowski explained his project to designboom,

“the farcical nature of the manipulated structures creates a surreal world of absurdity in an otherwise mundane landscape eluding to an environment beyond the realm of any real architectural forms but still preserving the potential for their existence.”


HEKKTA appreciated this project so much because it was a photography project that not only depicted an environment, but served to imagine it’s unfulfilled destiny of a land of absurd structures and possibilities. It poses the question to any designer, any architect, or any artist…is your final product as creative and absurd as it could be?

We can’t help feeling life would be a bit more fun with a hotel shaped like the video game Snake, chasing it’s own tail.


On a more topical note, as with the changes in our environmental awareness has come an opportunity to try and re-write the way we percieve and construct architecture.

A higher energy efficiency and more sustainable products are key features, but why not flip design on it’s head too?

Although ‘antistructures’ was merely an imagined idea, it’s an amazing way of transforming what we see with our eyes and asking if it could have been more.

Alex Lysakowski is a photographer working out on Ontario, and has been featured on big platforms such as Vice and designboom.

We urge you to check out some of his other projects, to be found here.